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Quotations about Abortion

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If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine.  ~Michael Jay Tucker

Against abortion?  Don't have one.  ~Author Unknown

Republicans are against abortion until their daughters need one, Democrats are for abortion until their daughter wants one.  ~Grace McGarvie

I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.  ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

No woman wants an abortion. Either she wants a child or she wishes to avoid pregnancy. ~Author Unknown

Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children.  Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children - but we pay heavily for them every day.  There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo.  But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born.  ~Garrett Hardin

Prior to Roe,... whether one could obtain a legal abortion in the face of an unwanted pregnancy was a crap shoot. For 30 years now, it's been a constitutionally guaranteed right. ~David Garrow

Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive. ~Author Unknown

Of course abortion isn't right. But it is even less right to bring unwanted children into lifelong suffering and to strip women of their choice. Making abortion illegal is not the way to prevent it. There is a much larger picture that starts with much deeper roots. ~Anonymous

If it isn't a baby, then you aren't pregnant, so what are you aborting? ~Author Unknown

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. ~Said to Florynce Kennedy and Gloria Steinem by an elderly Irish woman taxi driver in Boston, popularized by Kennedy and Steinem in 1971 speeches (Thanks, Garson O'Toole! quoteinvestigator.com/2013/09/11/men-pregnant)

With humans it's abortion, but with chickens it's an omelet.  ~Attributed to George Carlin

Abolition of a woman's right to abortion, when and if she wants it, amounts to compulsory maternity:  a form of rape by the State.  ~Edward Abbey

The preservation of life seems to be rather a slogan than a genuine goal of the anti-abortion forces; what they want is control.  Control over behavior:  power over women.  Women in the anti-choice movement want to share in male power over women, and do so by denying their own womanhood, their own rights and responsibilities.  ~Ursula K. Le Guin

Seventy-seven percent of anti-abortion leaders are men.  100% of them will never be pregnant.  ~Planned Parenthood advertisement

In the early stages of a pregnancy, the Government cannot intervene with a woman's right to choose. That is it, plain and simple. Guess what. We are not going to be big brother or sister, as the case may be. We are going to allow a woman, her doctor, and her God to make that decision. ~Barbara Boxer

Abortion... was probably regarded by the average Roman of the later days of Paganism much as Englishmen in the last century regarded convivial excesses, as certainly wrong, but so venial as scarcely to deserve censure.  ~W.E.H. Lecky

The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.  ~Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Most women "choose" abortion precisely because they believe they have no other choice. ~Serrin M. Foster

No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg. ~Frederica Mathewes-Green

George W. Bush will protect your unborn fetus then send your grown child to die in war. ~Rick Claro

Abortion is only a symptom of a more deep-seated disorder of the social state. It cannot be put down by law.... Childbearing is not a disease, but a beautiful office of nature.... Abortion is the choice of evils for such women. Is there, then, no remedy for all this bad state of things? None, I solemnly believe; none, by means of repression and law. I believe there is no other remedy possible but freedom in the social sphere. ~Attributed to Tennessee Claflin

The product, abortion, is skillfully marketed and sold to the woman at the crisis time in her life. She buys the product, finds it defective and wants to return it for a refund. But, it's too late. ~Carol Everett

If men were equally at risk from this condition — if they knew their bellies might swell as if they were suffering from end-stage cirrhosis, that they would have to go nearly a year without a stiff drink, a cigarette, or even an aspirin, that they would be subject to fainting spells and unable to fight their way onto commuter trains — then I am sure that pregnancy would be classified as a sexually transmitted disease and abortions would be no more controversial than emergency appendectomies. ~Barbara Ehrenreich

In my daily rounds as physician I see grown young men and women in the full enjoyment of life whose mothers appealed to me to destroy them in utero. Oh horrors! what if I had done it, and robbed them of all the experiences of this world?... A growing evil that has assumed gigantic proportions, is the frequency of ante-natal murder, often out of wedlock, and quite as often in. Do physicians and mothers realize and know that there is no time after conception when there is not life and another soul existent, that shall live on and on through the eternal ages? Do physicians and mothers realize and know that they must meet face to face in spirit life all these ante-natal murdered children...? Do they know that they will then feel like calling on the mountains and rocks to fall on them and hide them from the objects of their iniquity? Do they know that remorse of conscience will cling to them...? Then let the physician and mother remember that at conception the decree has gone forth that an immortal soul has been born for eternity, and that they should not stain their hands in human blood. ~J.M. Ward, M.D. (Cornelia, Missouri), The Medical Brief: A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, May 1883

The states are not free, under the guise of protecting maternal health or potential life, to intimidate women into continuing pregnancies. ~Justice Harry A. Blackmun, Roe v. Wade, 22 January 1973

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