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Quotations about Badminton

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Welcome to the Web's first page of quotations about the sport of badminton. I played on my school's team for a couple of years; it was fun, and I do quite miss it. And now, so many years later, I am happy to "serve" these quotes to you all over the "'Net." So bad, I know, sorry! —tεᖇᖇ¡·g

To play at Shuttle-cock, methinks, is the game now. ~"The Two Maids of Mortlake," c.1609

Lawn-tennis and badminton, to speak of more elaborate games, deserve also the highest praise on the score of health, and it is to be hoped that they will enjoy a long-lived popularity. ~George Black, Household Medicine: A Guide to Good Health, Long Life, and the Proper Treatment of All Diseases and Accidents, "Exercise in Relation to Health: Gymnastic Exercises," c.1882

May the birdies always land at your feet. ~Badminton saying

Get smashed. ~Badminton joke

It's all just different mediums of comedy. You know, there's sketch, improv, writing, acting, music, and badminton. Those are the seven forms of comedy. ~T.J. Miller, "Because T.J. Miller is a Funny Functioning Drunk," A Frank Conversation with Amos Barshad,, 2011

Have you got the birds to play badminton? ~Sporting joke

The use of the shuttle-cock is an excellent mode of exercise.... The shuttle-cock was a fashionable pastime among grown persons in the reign of James I, and it is a most desirable circumstance that it should again become fashionable, especially among young ladies. With the advantage of its being a social diversion, it most agreeably exercises the whole human frame, by the various attitudes the players are perpetually putting themselves in; of course, it creates a graceful pliancy in the joints and muscles, accelerates the circulation of the blood, and propels to the cutaneous pores, all the fluids prepared by nature to pass off by this easy and salutary way; it also promotes the digestive powers... ~Thomas John Graham, Sure Methods of Improving Health, and Prolonging Life; or, A Treatise on the Art of Living Long and Comfortably, by Regulating the Diet and Regimen, 1827

Man is nothing more than a shuttle-cock of fate, walloped around the circle of his own livid existence by the decree of adversity. ~W.T. McAtee, 1916

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