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February 24, 2010

"Fear cannot..."

And the winner is... Christopher Coan!

Fear cannot take what you do not give it. ~Christopher Coan, @Wisetree63

Honorable Mentions

Fear cannot destroy your dreams, only you can. ~Michelle Kurka, @mnkurka

Fear cannot solve problems, but it can make it difficult to find solutions. ~Ruby, @TheRuubster

Fear cannot give us the adrenaline to push forward until we realize it is the fear in us that holds us back. ~J Beard, @promoterofpeace

Fear cannot stifle true faith. ~Sara Farnum Alviz, @runningveganmom

Fear cannot be unless you let it be! ~Anu Ewebiyi, @anuewe

Fear cannot be victorious over you without your consent. ~Jisell, @JisellJude

Fear cannot control who you are, it is you that must control your fear. ~Dylan Horner, @xxFranchizexx

Fear cannot exist where courage and strength prevail. ~Lasonya Rodgers, @sonylawless

Fear cannot be overcome behind your back. It must be faced to be acknowledged. ~Jenn Wallage, @mrswookiee

Fear cannot take you away from me. ~Eszter, @LEszti

Fear cannot stop the heart from loving. ~Taylor Romano, @gr8witeway159

Fear cannot conquer the mind if the heart teaches it how to live strong. ~Sarah Heintze, @Selly06

Fear cannot quench the courageous dream that lives inside. ~Jami Davis, @colourherhope

Fear cannot exist in the presence of God, Love and Trust. Tune into these truths and fear will dissipate. ~Jeremie Dupont, @JeremieDupont

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