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Create Your Own Quote Contest
November 13, 2010


And the winner is... Kak Sri!

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~Kak Sri, @SriIsmail4

Honorable Mentions

Gratitude is the sum of Great + Attitude. ~Avi Liran, @aviliran

Gratitude is the gift of being humble and awed. ~Anna Page, @ap66215

Gratitude... staying humble when fate smiles on you. ~Quintus Nienaber, @Quinn25

Gratitude is as important for feeding your soul as eating is important for feeding your body. ~Janice, @az_ladybug

Gratitude is how nature intended us to feel, belong and give back. ~Lakshmi Gandhi, @Lakshmi_Gandhi

Gratitude is not an expression. It is the language of respect, relief, and honor. ~Mikhael Dominico, @dcapz

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