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Welcome to the Web's first — and thus far, only — page of quotations about leap year and leap day. I've spent many eye-blearing hours looking through old books to find references to this quadrennial day. Please enjoy! —tεᖇᖇ¡·g

Surely this was a sign on Leap Year night!... It's the 29th. Go in and win. Don't be afraid. ~A.A. Milne, Lovers in London, 1905  [a little altered —tεᖇᖇ¡·g]

In 1582 Pope Gregory found there had been ten superfluous leap years and took ten days out of the calendar, and reduced the future number of leap years. In 1752 the English adopted the system, allowing eleven days for error, as it had been constantly increasing. This is a very simple matter, but it has puzzled old heads. ~Charles W. Felt, 1902

A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years... A day of temporal tune up! ~Vera Nazarian

Thirty dayes hath November,
April, June, and September,
Twenty-and-eight hath February alone,
And all the rest thirty-and-one,
But in the leape you must add one.
~Harrison, quoted by Denham

It takes three springs to make one leap year. ~The Comic Almanack

This is Leap Year, and ancient proverbs say,
If lads don't leap this year, the lasses may.
~Poor Sir Robin's Almanac," Observations upon the four Quarters of the Year," 1792

The year of the sun consisteth of three hundred and sixty-five days and six hours, wanting eleven minutes; which six hours omitted, will, in time, deprave the compute: and this was the occasion of bissextile, or leap year. ~Brown, quoted by Johnson

Mudar bisiesto.—"To alter one's course."—"Bisiesto," is the Spanish for our Bissextile or leap year. The proverb signifies that a man has begun to repent his follies. ~A Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs translated into English with explanatory illustrations by John Collins, 1823

To find leap year you have this rule:—
Divide by iv, what's left shall be,
For leap year 0, for past i, ii, and iii.
~Harris, quoted by Denham

During a Leap Year, as Leap Day approached, I began to have this sense I was to get what I always seem to need: an extra 24 hours in the day.... Then I started to think Leap Day should be designated a holiday so people can take advantage of the extra 24 hours however they wished.... By marking this bonus day in some special way, we would celebrate time—really consider what it means to have time here on Earth—and thus, be present with our life and our time together. ~Kara Douglass Thom, "Look Where You Leap," Winning as a Fit Mom, 2015

This being Leap Year the signs of the Zodiak are all on the rampage. Although the signs of the Billings Zodiak are all on the jump this year... there is no cause for alarm. Once in four years this frolic occurs, and is said by the doctors to be necessary for their health. ~Josh Billings, 1872

In Leap Year the weather always changes on a Friday. ~Belgian proverb

Thirty days hath fruit-bearing September,
Moist April, hot June, and cold November,
Short February twenty-eight alone;
The other months have either thirty-one;
And February, when the fourth year's run,
Does gain a day from the swift-moving sun.
~"Shepherd's Kalendar"

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