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Quotation Resources

“I suppose every old scholar has had the experience of reading
something in a book which was significant to him, but which
he could never find again. Sure he is that he read it there, but
no one else ever read it, nor can he find it again, though he buy
the book and ransack every page.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotation Accuracy & Origins Research
  Quote Investigator by Garson O'Toole
  The Big Apple (etymological dictionary) by Barry Popik
  "Quote...Unquote" by Nigel Rees
  Quotes Uncovered by Fred Shapiro
  Quote/Counterquote by SubtropicBob
  The Phrase Finder by Gary Martin
  The Quote Sleuth by Anthony W. Shipps, 1991
  The Quote Verifier by Ralph Keyes, 2006

Quotation Information & History
  Quotology by Willis Goth Regier, 2010
  The Words of Others by Gary Saul Morson, 2011
  This Day in Quotes by SubtropicBob

Quotation Forums
  Quotations Page Forums by Michael Moncur
  Quoteland.com Discussion Forum
  Project Wombat (discussion list for reference questions)

Quotation Research DIY
  Google Books
  Internet Archive eBooks and Texts
  Google Newspaper Archives
  Oxford Essential Quotations by Susan Ratcliffe, ed., 2014
  Quotations at Bartleby.com

  Nice Guys Finish Seventh by Ralph Keyes, 2012
  They Never Said It by Boller & George, 1990
  What They Didn't Say by Elizabeth Knowles, 2006
  Misquotations at Contexture
  Popular Misquotes at The Phrase Finder
  50 Common Misquotations by Mental Floss (video), 2013
  Fake Buddha Quotes by Bodhipaksa
  Spurious Quotations: Thomas Jefferson Misquotations
  Apocrypha: Samuel Johnson Misquotations by Frank Lynch
  The Henry D. Thoreau Mis-Quotation Page

Quotation Articles
  Notable Quotables by Louis Menand, 2007
  Quote sites & outsourcing of erudition by Mark O'Connell, 2014
  Anatomy of a Fake Quotation by Megan McArdle, 2011
  Avoid Being Misquoted by Reporters by Brad Phillips, 2010
  Antievolutionists' Quotations & Misquotations by Michael Hopkins

Quotations by Famous Authors
  Real Buddha Quotes by Bodhipaksa
  Poems of Emily Dickinson (Variorum) by R. W. Franklin, 1998
  Ultimate Quotable Einstein by Alice Calaprice, 2013
  Quotations from Ralph Waldo Emerson by Frome, 1996
  The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
  Open Source Shakespeare by George Mason University
  Columbia Dictionary of Quotations From Shakespeare, 1998
  Mark Twain Quotations by Barbara Schmidt
  The Quotable Mark Twain by R. Kent Rasmussen, 1998
  Wit & Wisdom of Oscar Wilde by Ralph Keyes, 2012

Vintage Writings & Books
  Google Books
  Internet Archive eBooks and Texts
  Quotations at Bartleby.com
  TuckDB Ephemera

About Quotes & Quote Collecting
by Terri Guillemets

“A book of quotations... can never be complete.”
–Robert M. Hamilton

  Quotation Glossary: meanings of quote-related words
  Quotation Awesomeness, Trivia, and Miscellany
  Quotations about quotations: world's largest collection
  My 'Quotations Related' board on Pinterest
  Posts tagged 'quotations' on my blog
  Reference Quotes: Attributions for Famous Sayings

My Favorite Quotation Websites

“Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for
every dilemma.”  –Hendrik Willem van Loon

  Yanta.net: Life is Made of Little Peaces by Jasminka
  The Spirit of Gardening by Michael P. Garofalo
  Joy of Quotes by Marta Davidovich Ockuly
  Quotes With Wes by Westin Eehn (videos)
  The Quotations Home Page by Stephen L. Spanoudis
  Quotes for a Better World by BetterWorld.net
  Mark Twain Quotations by Barbara Schmidt
  Dictionary of Science Quotations by Todayinsci
  Creature Quotes by SBH Clay
  On Matters of Most Grave Concern by D.N. O'Connor
  Quotes at Gaiam Life by Gaiam, Inc.
  Soul of the Garden by Tom Spencer
  Collection Of Love Quotes by MidnightAngel
  all things William: Quotes Based on the Name William
  QuotationReference.com by John Simone
  Wish I'd Said That! by David C. Hill
  Library of Quotes by The Night Sky Rider
  Curated Quotes - Hand Picked Quotes
  Sports Quotation Man by Glenn Liebman
  GIGA Quotes by John C. Shepard
  Nicholas Russon's Quotations Archive
  CoopPics by Sarah Cooper
  Daily Zen by The Monkess and The Artist
  Inspiration Peak by Ron Atchison
  Quotational Poetry and Readings by Franklin C. Baer
  Quotations at Brain Candy
  Quote Snack by Elizabeth Able
  Stuff Scott Said by Scott Ginsberg

In Grateful Acknowledgment

“Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.”
–G.B. Stern

  Michael P. Garofalo, Spirit of Gardening - sharing great quotes
  Mythicsoft - Agent Ransack, free & awesome file searching utility
  David Mandell - Alarmed & Errands organize my life via iPod
  Robert Brault - sharing words of wisdom & wit
  "Skipper" Kim Corbin, iskip.com - skiparific quotes & giddiness
  betsy cañas garmon, wild thyme creative - words, art, infj'ness
  Dave Beard (@Raqhun) - painting pictures with words & sharing
  Jeb Dickerson, howtomatter.com - sharing Jebisms
  Denis Kozlov - ReNamer app, great file renaming tool
  Kirk at EnchantedLands.org - inspiring, bold, open creativity
  Hákon, Photo Quotes - sharing photography quotes
  Hákon's too: SoftwareQuotes.com & IThinkOutsideTheBox.com
  John C Shepard, GIGA Quotes - sharing quotations & sources
  Phoenix Public Library - they always let me borrow their books!
  Google - site search, advertising, gmail, web search, old books
  Garson O'Toole - quote investigator extraordinaire
  Mozilla - Firefox, best browser in the known universe
  Jonathan Feinberg, Wordle.net - word cloud bio
  ACME Laboratories - groovy license plate images
  Camilla Eriksson, MillanNet - image subscription way back when
  Andy, The 4077th Home Page - sharing an image back in the day
  Shannon, Body Modification Ezine - sharing tattoo images & links
  Erik Reime, Kunsten på Kroppen - sharing tattoo image
  Paul Miles, Chronological Crue - sharing tattoo image
  Vince Hemingson, Vanishing Tattoo - sharing tattoo quotes
  Webmonkey Special Characters - quick reference html guide
  Chami.com FavIcon from Pics - cool favicon
  eXTReMe Tracking - site tracking once upon a time
  InMotion Hosting - top notch web hosting
  BigNoseBird.Com - scripts
  George Chuang, JavaScript Source - script
  Debbi McDaniel, Developer.com - script
  GoDaddy.com - domain management & important stuff like that
  PayPal - donation processing from the site's early days
  Amazon.com - donation processing from years past
  Bonnie Rae, Braenstorm - nifty art & inspiration
  Scott (that guy with the nametag) - sharing & down-to-earth'ness
  Tax Goddess Business Services - numbers & all that jazz
  Trader Joe's - your awesome food gets me through the day
  Celestial Seasonings - tea & quotes, need I say more‽
  My anonymous proofreading superhero - you know who you are!
  Janice - beautiful proofreader, reality checker, & smile giver
  Nathaniel Hawthorne - Sir, your Scarlet Letter hooked me on this
  Steve, Grand Slam Computing - computer help & advice
  My family and supporters - you guys are the absolute best!

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