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Terri Guillemets

U.S. Quotation Anthologist (b.1973)

Terri Guillemets is a quotation anthologist and author from Phoenix, Arizona who has collected quotes since age thirteen. Her passion is sharing literary, inspirational, humorous, thought-provoking, and poetic quotations with a worldwide audience via her website The Quote Garden at, one of the most long-standing online quotation collections and the first to offer a wide variety of special occasion topics. With a specialty in reviving vintage writings from the 1800s, she shares her love of old books, the art of writing, and the beauty of words with a personal, heartfelt approach — “spreading quotatious joy” as she calls it. A curmudgeonesque optimist whose inner child will never grow up, she also enjoys nature, photography, cloudgazing, and family.

Terri Guillemets, 2012 – Yes, I am truly OBSESSED with harvesting quotations!  

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Now that a great wish of my life has been fulfilled, and I can boast of a Garden Room of my own, a retreat where I can work, and scatter leaves, and thoughts, and flowers, at will, I have made up my mind to keep a Kalendar of my own, and write therein what comes to me with flowers, and song of birds, and treasures I find in books which fill shelves on the green walls. Old books, with musty covers, and time-worn pages. I like the words and expressions of “olden-day” writers....
        I have spent hours, days, weeks, in searching among books which are rare, and not easily read, so that to those who have not time, nor inclination to search for themselves, I may reveal hidden delights and buried joys.... In my study I have learnt much; it is a labour of love, and ungrudgingly I give it to the world.
        —Helen Rose Anne Milman Crofton, My Kalendar of Country Delights, “Prelude,” 1903

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This website is fueled by coffee, tea, chocolate,
and the occasional square meal.
inner child

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