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Quotations about Unicorns

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Welcome to my page of quotations about unicorns. For my full collection, visit the Unicorn quotes at—tεᖇᖇ¡·g

It’s not a unicorn — it’s a horse with a sword on its head that protects my hopes and dreams. ~Tad Quill & Gabrielle Allan, “My Unicorn,” Scrubs, S4, E11, 2004, Dr. Dorian

I can only eat glitter and rainbows. Darn my sensitive stomach! ~Bob Shea, Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, 2013

Never pretend
to be a unicorn
by sticking a plunger on your head
~Martín Espada, “Advice to Young Poets,” The Republic of Poetry, 2006

The Unicorn — the wild, white, fierce, chaste Moon, whose two horns, unlike those of mortal creatures, are indissolubly twisted into one, whose brilliant horn drives away the darkness and evil of the night. ~Robert Brown, 1881

The unicorn, she said, was a marvelous beast, shining with honor, wisdom and strength. Just to see him strengthened the soul. ~Megan Lindholm

The best use for a unicorn's horn is to adorn a unicorn. ~Femeref adage

A living drollery: now I will believe
That there are unicorns...
~William Shakespeare

      Alice could not help her lips curling up into a smile as she began: “Do you know, I always thought Unicorns were fabulous monsters, too! I never saw one alive before!”
      “Well, now that we have seen each other," said the Unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’'ll believe in you. Is that a bargain?” ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There

Of all the legendary animals of art, folklore, and literature, the unicorn is the one with the greatest hold on our imaginations. Other fabulous beasts are clearly inventions, existing only in a mythical landscape of our own collective creation. But the unicorn strikes us as more than imaginary. It seems possible, even probable — a creature so likely that it ought to exist. ~Nancy Hathaway, The Unicorn, 1982

The unicorn stands alone, still as frost. It keeps watch down the corridors of time. The past and the future meet in the presence of the unicorn: the darkness and light become one. Patient as a candle flame, inviolate, here is our guardian, keeper of the silent unknown. ~Josephine Bradley

In the sea, the fish have learned to fly,
On a moonlit night on wings of silver,
As the enchanted stars sail serenely by.
Do they know where do unicorns go?
Where winged horses fly?...
~Jimmy Webb

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