Welcome! The Quote Garden is my personal collection of quotations that I’ve been gathering since 1986. My name is Terri, born and raised in Arizona, and I’ve had my nose in books since I was a little girl. I especially love old books and poetry. You will find lots of quotes here from the Romantic, Victorian, and Transcendental writings of the 19th century, as well as modern quotes from current authors to television shows to internet memes, and sometimes I even quote my friends, my family, and myself. There’s a lot of unique content; most of the quotations and categories you won’t find anywhere else. These quotes reflect my passions — to laugh and think, feel soulful, learn from others, and be inspired by nature. I love to celebrate the magic of words with all the world so happy browsing to you, from this happy bookworm!  Terri


❝Every bit of software wants you to be ‘social.’  What ever happened to being grumpy and alone in your writer’s fugue?❞  —Doug Green  😎
Terri Guillemets

Who Is Terri Guillemets?

Terri Guillemets (b. 1973) is a quotation anthologist from Phoenix, Arizona who has collected quotes since age thirteen. Her passion is sharing literary, inspirational, humorous, and thought-provoking quotations with a worldwide audience via her website The Quote Garden at www.quotegarden.com, one of the most long-standing online quotation collections and the first to offer a wide variety of special occasion topics. With a specialty in reviving abandoned literature from the 1800s, she shares her love of vintage books, the art of writing, and the beauty of words. An old soul whose inner child will never grow up, she also enjoys nature, photography, cloudgazing, and family.


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😜  This website is fueled by coffee, tea, chocolate, and the occasional square meal. —tg

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