Quotes about Saguaro Cactus

The saguaro is Arizona. ~Herb & Dorothy McLaughlin, c.1973

Along the mountain ridges,
      Across the desert floor;
      Arms like verdant armor,
      Stalwarts guard our door.
Shading for the lizard,
      Haven for the wren,
      Source of inspiration,
      For past and present men.
~Earl Bloss, “Saguaros,” in Arizona Highways, March 1973

You know you’re an Arizona native, when you “hug” a cactus only once in your lifetime. ~Nancy Dedera, quoted in You Know You’re an Arizona Native, When…, compiled by Don Dedera, 1993

Bonfires of the evening sun
Merge in final unquenched glory
From horizon up to heaven,
While grotesque saguaro fingers
Paint lofty silhouettes against the sky.
~Helen Castle, “Saguaro at Sunset,” in Arizona Highways, March 1973

Here is a master’s etching
      In the crimson flood of dawn—
      A thousand monks are marching
      With a prayer to cheer them on.
Their pleading arms are reaching
      Ever upward thru the haze;
      I think they must be preaching
      For the souls of other days…
~Don Maitland Bushby (1900–1969), “Desert Monks (Impressions of the Sahuarro),” c.1958 [Bushby was adopted as “Chief Whispering Pine.” –tg]

As in a children’s game
of Statues
a sudden command
in the desert night
must have stopped
these creatures
who now stand
fixed in a landscape
like strange people
from other times
and other places.
~Jeanne DeLamarter Bonnette, “The Saguaros,” in Arizona Highways, September 1970

Sometimes a saguaro looks like it’s giving the middle finger to the world, an “F you, it’s hot out here!” ~Terri Guillemets, “Take a hike,” 1996