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If your topic isn’t covered here, please use the address below to contact me. To use my time efficiently (this one-woman-show’s gotta catch some sleep somehow), I don’t reply to questions that are already answered. All other inquiries, corrections, feedback, or anything related to quotations is welcome.

Q: Can I submit a quote?  A: Sorry, I’m no longer accepting submissions.
Q: Will you use our advertising company?  A: Not interested at this time.
Q: Can I advertise on your website?  A: Yes, please use Google AdWords.
Q: Will you answer my copyright questions?  A: Sorry, my lawyer says no.
Q: Are you interested in selling your website?  A: No way! This is my life.
Q: Will you evaluate my writing or review my book?  A: Not at this time.
Q: Do you accept guest content, affiliates or link requests?  A: No thanks.

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