Quotes about Having One’s Nose in a Book

I just love books, don’t you?… My sister always says to me… ‘you always have your nose stuck in a book.’ And that’s the truth… I always have got my nose stuck in a book. I’m always reading… I just love books! I’d like to buy every book in the shop. ~Frances Klenett, “I Just Love Books,” in Antiquarian Bookman, 1952

She had been christened quite differently, but everybody called her Scholastica, because she always had her little nose in a book… ~Louis de Wohl, Citadel of God, 1959

He read and read and read, and when he didn’t have his nose stuck in a book, he wrote and wrote and wrote. ~Paul Magrs (b.1969), “The Godfather,” 2000

It is better to have your nose in a book than in someone else’s business. ~Adam Stanley, unverified

You turn your back on Sylvia and she’s got her nose in a book… ~Arthur Miller, Broken Glass, 1994

I? Never in the world — lying here with my nose in a book and never seeing anything. ~Henry James, “The Patagonia,” in The English Illustrated Magazine, August 1888  [And a lovely example of the shortest sentence possible. –tg]

I have my nose stuck in a book just about as often as I breathe. ~Terri Guillemets, “Raiding bookshelves,” 2003

Characteristically, the budding litterateur has had his nose in a book. ~Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey, The Villas of Pliny from Antiquity to Posterity, 1994

They… were kept nose-in-books… ~Richard D. Lewis, The Road from Wigan Pier: Memoirs of a Linguist, “University Days,” 1998

Thomas Quiller Couch… used to drive about the country in a queer-shaped carriage filled with books, and read all the way. Very often you’d meet the carriage first, filled with halt, maimed, and blind, who had crowded him out: and the old man following on foot, zig-zagging along the road, with his nose in a book… ~Arthur T. Quiller Couch, 1891  [His pseudonym was Q. –tg]

Nose in a Book Quotations
Original post date: 2016 Apr 29