Which is the Poet’s Flower?

Next to the rose, whose divine right to monarchy cannot be questioned, the violet is the poet’s flower. ~Willis Boyd Allen, “The Violet Book,” 1909

The Sweet Violet, truly the poet’s flower. ~G.T. Frederic Speede

To the daisy — the poet’s darling. ~William Wordsworth

There’s a flower that shall be mine;
‘Tis the little Celandine.
~William Wordsworth

The true pansy… How eagerly we pluck its blossoms, laden with the welcome perfume of promised vernal treasures! It is also the poet’s flower. ~John Lewis Russell, 1840

The Eglantine Rose…. has always been considered as the poet’s flower… ~George William Francis, The Favorites of the Flower Garden, 1844

Ah, Rose! had’st thou but Beauty’s charms
Thou ne’er had been the poet’s flower:
Extended on thy thorny arms
Thou had’st not wielded sovereign power…
~James Rigg, “To the Fragrance of the Rose,” Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897