Quotes about Santa Claus & Christmas Eve

Soon will old Santa Claus arrive,
On Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve…
Long live the Christmas fairy who
Has taught the good we ought to do,
And ever, ever keep in view,
On Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve,
Not only self, but others too,
On Christmas Eve, tra la!
~M. D. Sterling, “Christmas Stockings,” c.1894

Santa Claus is jolly, sir;
      Santa Claus is kind, sir;
      Santa Claus on Christmas eve
      Comes riding on the wind, sir.
Have you not seen our Santa Claus,
      With hair so snowy white, sir?
      Just hang your stocking Christmas eve,—
      He’ll come that very night, sir.
And if you watch, perhaps you’ll see
      This friend in furs hid deep, sir.
      But I have never seen him once—
      I’m always fast asleep, sir.
~M. Nora Boylan, “Old Santa Claus,” c.1894 [To be sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” –tg]

Santaclaus comes down the chimney on Christmas eve, and puts nuts, cakes, sugarplums, and pieces of money into hung stockings. In the morning, children take delight in the treasures! ~Anonymous, “Christmas,” 1842

In those old days—those fair old days—what fancies would we weave
When we sat, waiting for the old Saint to come on Christmas Eve!
The stockings, limp and shadow-like against the ruddy glow,
Agape in their expectancy, swung in a slanting row
That matched the difference in height of all our wond’ring heads—
We watched the fairy flames toss up their wealth of jewel-reds…
~Wilbur D. Nesbit, “Waiting,” in The Reader, December 1905

O still the child-heart throbs its songs and still the child-soul lives…
We hush the knowledge that we have and struggle to believe
The wonder-tales we know are true—the tales of Christmas Eve…
We nod in time to childish rhyme, to songs we had forgot,
We clutch the golden memories of days that now are not;
And O! the night is very long, the hour is grievous late,
But still, with olden faith regained, we bide our time and wait.
And from the door of youth our dream the barring curtain draws,
And we—aye, we, as children all—still wait for Santa Claus!
~Wilbur D. Nesbit, “Waiting,” in The Reader, December 1905

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there….
~Clement Clarke Moore, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” 1823