Quotes about Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Moon Combination

In a birth chart, when the Sun and Moon are located in the same sign, the core needs of the personality reflect an energy similar to what stimulates the individual’s life force. We usually call people who possess this combination “doubles.” In your birth chart, if the Sun and Moon are both located in Scorpio, you’re a double Scorpio. ~Jason, Sagittarian Mind Consulting, 2016

Being both Scorpio sun sign and Scorpio moon sign means a lifetime of intense personal transformation in consciousness. This can empower you to achieve great things, because of the tenacity and depth of your experiences within. You will be able to cut to the quick and see beyond the facade. You must be willing to let go of many things that aren’t important and not hold them too tightly, until you have found the gems in the pile of stones. ~Robert Cosmar, 2016

Scorpio, with the Moon in Scorpio. This polarity indicates that the parent mind was greatly absorbed in some special pursuit of life, and the child will be disposed to independence and self-reliance, standing much alone in the world and seeking few intimate friends. The Scorpio nature has pride and self-sufficiency and gives less liability of being led by others, as it shuts them up in the fires of their own life, giving them great power over their sex nature. It increases the tendency to flesh, and also to heart difficulties. ~Hiram Erastus Butler (1841–1916), Solar Biology: A Scientific Method of Delineating Character, etc. from Date of Birth, 1887

For a double Scorpio, there’s an amazing quality of self-protection. In addition, the desire to know others at their deepest levels, solving life’s mysteries, and unearthing what’s hidden below the surface, no matter how unpleasant it may be, is highly pronounced. The main motives? Transformation of self and others. Like the Scorpion’s sting, the lunar Scorpio strives to release its psychological potency for the sake of healing through intense interactions. ~Jason, Sagittarian Mind Consulting, 2016

The combination of Scorpio Sun sign and Scorpio Moon sign shows a terrific creative force in your nature. You can be so executive and commanding at times, and at other times your riotous emotions and sensational tendencies take over. The pits or the heights, with little in between, is the way that your life seems to go. Nothing you do is ever half-hearted. You are very emotional, but people may not realize this because of your natural ability to conceal your feelings. ~Michael McClain, “Sun and Moon Combinations: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio,” Astrology-Numerology.com

There can be the wariness of a wounded animal when it comes to trusting the world. For this Scorpio sun and moon combination to operate efficiently, there must be a reciprocity of emotional and psychological vulnerability. Staring out of the peephole and never leaving one’s emotional comfort zone will rarely provide the fuel or sustenance this combination requires. ~Jason, Sagittarian Mind Consulting, 2016

This enigmatic, tumultuous lady is not one to have her nose tweaked. For all her femininity, she has the strength of General Patton. Nothing can defeat her except herself. Her ruler, Pluto, is said to destroy and rebuild. She has a fascination for the deep, forbidden, and the strange. ~Carolyn Reynolds

There’s a tremendous amount of passion associated with a Scorpio Sun-Moon blend, and typical Astrology seems to immediately point to Scorpio’s reputation as a SEX crazed maniac, but reality says that this hunger for emotional depth has the capacity to be channeled in countless directions. They crave intimate contact with others at such a powerful level. However, sex and intimacy are not always synonymous. ~Jason, Sagittarian Mind Consulting, 2016