Quotes about the Sign Scorpio

October is drawn in a raiment of yellow and carnation; upon the head a garland of Oak leaves, in the right hand the sign Scorpio, in the left a basket of services. ~The Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the Almanack, 1824, edited by Thomas Forster (1789–1860)

Scorpios are born in the darkening time of the year — during the season of mystery, intimacy, death, and rebirth. ~@ScorpioSeason

Scorpio was considered by the ancient astrologers as a sign accursed…. The Egyptians or Chaldeans, who first arranged the Zodiac, might have placed Scorpio in this part of the heavens to denote that when the sun enters this sign, the diseases incident to the fruit season would prevail; since Autumn, which abounded in fruit, often brought with it a great variety of diseases, and might be thus fitly represented by that venomous animal, the scorpion, who, as he recedes, wounds with a sting in his tail. ~Elijah H. Burritt, The Geography of the Heavens, 1833

The sign ♏ (Scorpio) represents the department of the reproductive organs, and is the foundation or fire-principle of the nature, giving snap and vim to the entire system, feeding and sustaining the mind and life of the body…. The Reproductive Trinity begins at the autumnal meridian, September 22, and ends at the winter solstice, December 21. ~Hiram E. Butler, Solar Biology, 1887

Scorpio governs the lower part of the body and back, such as the kidneys, bladder, uterus, and lower parts of the intestines, and the sexual organs. ~L.D. Broughton, The Elements of Astrology, 1898

At my nativity my ascendant was the watery sign of Scorpius; I was born in the planetary hour of Saturn, and I think I have a piece of that leaden planet in me. ~Thomas Browne

The ruling planets for Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion. When strong in the chart it can indicate a volatile temper, and also great courage. Pluto is related to will, and intense passion, and has a reputation for ruthlessness. As god of the underworld Pluto brings the deepest compulsions into the light. Its position indicates areas of life that must ultimately become transformed as part of the soul’s evolution. ~AstroGraph.com

♏ (Scorpio). October 23 to November 22. This class belong to the department of the sex function, and therefore to the fires of life. They have a great deal of magnetic heat in their system, and if proper conditions of health exist, will not suffer much from the cold. They have strong appetites and strong passions, and, when angry, a very high temper: they have, besides, a great deal of jealousy in their nature. They are quite conservative and conventional, proud, and apt to be pretentious. They set too much value on external appearances, and are rather inclined to be extravagant and self-gratifying. They love, and even venerate, great book knowledge. Their habit is usually silent and dignified, weighing well their words to be sure they are right before speaking — yet they are often able to make themselves felt without a word. Through the magnetism of the hands, in connection with their great vitality, they have the ability to cure disease; this is especially the case where their bodily condition has been cared for, and preserved in health and strength. The only disease to which this nature is constitutionally liable is heart disease. In their love relations, they are controlled almost wholly by the passional nature; so much so, that, if not gratified by their companion, they are easily led astray. In their anger they are very subtle and vindictive. ~Hiram Erastus Butler (1841–1916), Solar Biology: A Scientific Method of Delineating Character, etc. from Date of Birth, 1887

Scorpio natives, those born between the dates October 23rd and November 22nd are said to be strong but reserved in speech. Scorpio governs the region of the groin. It is a feminine sign and unfortunate. The red carnation is the flower and topaz the gem. ~William Tyler Olcott, “Scorpio, The Scorpion,” Star Lore of All Ages, 1911