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Quotations about Zodiac Signs

Welcome to my page of quotations about the zodiac signs.  —ღ Terri

Zodiac. —

The twelvefold Zodiac was made to show
The course of stars above and men below...
~Henry Van Dyke, "Signs of the Zodiac," 1918

The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver. ~Author unknown

To know exactly where the zodiac sign is, multiply the day of the month by the sign, then find a dividend that will go into a divider four times without any remains, subtract this from the sign, add the first quotient to the last divider, then multiply the whole of the man's body by all the signs, and the result will be just what you are looking after. ~Josh Billings

Aries. —

Aries: "I was going to do that but then you told me to." ~Internet meme

Aries are just drunk Capricorns. ~Internet meme

Taurus. —

A Taurus works hard… and sleeps harder. ~Jim Davis

Gemini. —

A Gemini is a cross between a drunk and a genius. ~Internet meme

Gemini — Stubborn. Trustworthy. Sarcastic. Real AF. Socially selective. Destructive when provoked. ~Internet meme

Gemini:  the impish but omniscient jester (Feste, Puck, Lear's Fool) ~@macklesufficient, "The Signs as Shakespearean Archetypes," on, 2016

Cancer. —

Romeo and Juliet are probably Cancerians. They're all about feelings and love and being clingy drama queens, and that's Cancer's whole deal. ~Charlotte Ahlin, "The Shakespeare Character for Your Zodiac Sign,", 2016

Leo. —

Leos are brave and loyal, kind and caring. Their generosity is exceeded only by the size of their credit-card bills. ~Jim Davis, "Garfield on Astrology," Garfield's Guide to Everything, 2004

Leos don't need anger management — they just need for people to stop angering them. ~Internet meme

Virgo. —

Virgos cannot tolerate lying, cheating, fakeness, or ignorance. ~Author unknown

Virgo: "You missed a spot." ~Internet meme

Libra. —

You'll never meet a Libran who doesn't have a smile like a soft, white cloud. That Venus smile could melt a chocolate bar at twenty paces. ~Linda Goodman, Sun Signs, 1968

Libra — flirty, sociable, indecisive, appeasing, hopelessly romantic… did I mention indecisive? ~Modified from an internet meme

Libra: "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" ~Me, making fun of my Libra friend

Making up his mind is a chore no less strenuous to the average Libran male than taming a wild buffalo... ~Linda Goodman, Sun Signs, 1968

October Libra —
* sexy brain
* great taste in music
* very tolerant
* will beat you at your own game
* always ten steps ahead of you
* a real sucker for love
* loyal friend
* amazing lover
~Author unknown

The word love and the word Libra are practically synonymous. Libra invented romance, and refined it to an art with even more finesse than Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, which is saying a lot... He'll use every trick with casual ease and seldom fail to get the girl. However, once he gets her, he isn't always sure what to do with her... He often gets friendship and love hopelessly confused. ~Linda Goodman, Sun Signs, 1968

Scorpio. —

SCORPIO quotes:

Sagittarius. —

Expressive and sincere (whether they mean it or not), Sagittarians have a voracious appetite for life. ~Jim Davis, "Garfield on Astrology," Garfield's Guide to Everything, 2004

Sagittarius — the bowman:  Activity is the keynote of this sign... However, their natural energy can be wasted through overzeal or feverish excitement that too often accompanies their work. Sagittarians can wear themselves out in their anxiety to get things done. ~Walter B. Gibson and Litzka R. Gibson, "Astrology," The Complete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences, 1966

Sagittarius — They don't mean to interrupt, they just randomly remember things and get excited. ~Internet meme

Astrology. I wasn't passionately interested in whether I was a Sagittarius or Taurus. I thought I was just me. Which is a very Sagittarian thing to say. ~Noël Coward (1899–1973)

Sagittarius:  Very expressive, has an open mind, is friendly and sincere, can sometimes be irresponsible and tactless, oh well, nobody's perfect. ~Jim Davis, "The Zodiac According to Garfield"

In marriage, Sagittarius is aptly called "the bachelor sign" because these freedom-seeking folk can get along quite well on their own. But being cheerful, considerate, and willing to share burdens, they often prove to be fine spouses. ~Walter B. Gibson and Litzka R. Gibson, "Astrology," The Complete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences, 1966

Capricorn. —

Capricornus—The Goat.
The goat looks solemn, yet he likes to run,
And leap the rocks, and gambol in the sun:
The truly wise enjoy a little fun.
~Henry Van Dyke, "Signs of the Zodiac," 1918

Capricorn: "If you don't like me, that's your problem not mine." ~Internet meme

Aquarius. —

Aquarians are normal. The rest of the world is weird. ~Jim Davis

Aquarius... you're Hamlet... You're a progressive intellectual and an independent person, but you're also a temperamental over-thinker who can see both sides to every problem. You run from your emotions, you like to monologue to yourself, and some people think you're a little eccentric. But you're really just a deep thinker trying to figure out the right thing to do... ~Charlotte Ahlin, "The Shakespeare Character for Your Zodiac Sign,", 2016

Aquarius:  This one is a revolutionary. The Aquarian is inventive, original, and very unconventional. Don't let this person borrow money. ~Jim Davis, "The Zodiac According to Garfield"

Pisces. —

Pisces — remembers things that happened 25 years ago, forgets things that happened 5 seconds ago  ~Internet meme

All the Signs. —

Look you, Doubloon, your zodiac here is the life of man in one round chapter... To begin: there's Aries, or the Ram — lecherous dog, he begets us; then, Taurus, or the Bull — he bumps us the first thing; then Gemini, or the Twins — that is, Virtue and Vice; we try to reach Virtue, when lo! comes Cancer the Crab, and drags us back; and here, going from Virtue, Leo, a roaring Lion, lies in the path — he gives a few fierce bites and surly dabs with his paw; we escape, and hail Virgo, the Virgin! that's our first love; we marry and think to be happy for aye, when pop comes Libra, or the Scales — happiness weighed and found wanting; and while we are very sad about that, Lord! how we suddenly jump, as Scorpio, or the Scorpion, stings us in rear; we are curing the wound, when whang come the arrows all round; Sagittarius, or the Archer, is amusing himself. As we pluck out the shafts, stand aside! here's the battering-ram, Capricornus, or the Goat; full tilt, he comes rushing, and headlong we are tossed; when Aquarius, or the Water-bearer, pours out his whole deluge and drowns us; and, to wind up, with Pisces, or the Fishes, we sleep. ~Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 1851

How much sleep each sign needs:
* Aries — 6 to 8 hours
* Taurus — 25 hours
* Gemini — either 2 or 12 hours
* Cancer — 10 hours
* Leo — 7 hours
* Virgo — 8.235149 hours
* Libra — like 8 hours
* Scorpio — 1 hour
* Sagittarius — sleep is for the dead
* Capricorn — 5 hours daydreaming + 5 hours sleeping
* Aquarius — doesn't sleep, just procrastinates
* Pisces — 18 hours
~Internet meme  [Goodness! My three signs are Scorpio, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. No wonder I'm such an insomniac! Cleary I was born this way. —tg]

Ophiuchus. —

Despite Ophiuchus being named in astronomy, astrologists have left it out of the zodiac wheel. The reason for this is that star signs are based on seasons rather than the constellations. The zodiac wheel is a calendar placing the star signs along the four seasons. ~Niamh Cavanagh, "13th Sign — Ophiuchus star sign: Hoax horoscope dates, personality traits, pronunciation and compatibility," The U.S. Sun,, 2020

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