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Quotations about Casual Fridays

Welcome to my page of quotations about workplace casual days, casual Friday, grub day, jeans day, dress-down day, summer casual, business casual, low-key business attire, etc.   SEE ALSO:  CLOTHING DAYS OF WEEK JOBS APPEARANCE WORKING FROM HOME  –Terri sharp contrast to most corporations, employees at Hamburger Central are encouraged to personalize their own work areas within the open-plan offices. On "short and casual Friday" employees are free to dress as they wish and to leave as early as one o'clock. ~David Morton, "They did it all for you," Progressive Architecture, June 1978  [McDonald's headquarters —tg]

This more casual Friday outfit is useful for other occasions, too: fieldwork, a plant visit, a rainy, miserable day — all so long as you are not  breaking company guidelines. In many conservatively structured companies, you don't have a casual dress option, Friday or not. In such cases, your way of expressing your success and conveying the healthy impression of having a life outside work may be by bringing your weekend duffel bag to the office. ~Lois Fenton and Edward Olcott, Dress for Excellence, 1986

Casual Fridays. Who could have guessed in the dress-for-success past decade that nineties professionals would show up for work dressed like campers? Yet on Fridays in July and August that's exactly what happens — with corporate approval — in many workplaces around the country. ~Glamour magazine, c.1991,

The secret to dressing down on Fridays:  looking pulled together, right. ~Glamour magazine, c.1991,

      Business time and the dressin' is easy.
      Glance at what people are wearing in some offices these days and you'll notice it's not business attire as usual... In offices across America, a grass-roots movement is growing. Many companies are adopting "business casual" dress codes. This usually translates to something ranging from clean-cut classic clothes such as wool or twill trousers, a sports coat and a designer tie to blue jeans, T-shirts and Birkenstocks.
      Few employees in the service sector who meet the public daily are tossing their suits and ties or high heels and pantyhose out the window. But many others are being permitted to slip into something a little more comfortable, at least one day a week.
      Surprisingly, these aren't just fashion firms that sell casual clothes... Conservative giants such as Wells Fargo Bank, Chevron, Price Waterhouse and Charles Schwab & Co. are among those loosening their ties, so to speak, at least on Fridays...
      Bankers in blue jeans? Says Alan G. Millstein, editor and publisher of Fashion Network Report, a New York-based newsletter, "This is a total dagger in the heart of the traditional tailored clothing industry." In fact, sales of men's tailored clothing have plunged while those of casual clothes have rocketed. ~San Francisco Chronicle, June 1992,

Silicon Valley, home of come-as-you-are companies, deserves much credit — or blame — for forging the casual fashion movement. ~San Francisco Chronicle, June 1992,

      The tie dies.
      Dress slacks? Put them back, Jack.
      Hey, it's Friday morning. Time to dress — dress down, that is — for work.
      Casual Fridays have quietly invaded... And it's not only Fridays. Looser dress policies have permeated the environments of some employers during other periods, especially the sweltering months...
      The trend has increased in recent years... At Randall Publishing Co. the policy of casual wear on Fridays originated in 1980 to boost morale at the request of employees. ~Max Heine, "Get down: Professionals enjoying casual Fridays," The Tuscaloosa News, July 1992,

What do nudists wear on casual Friday? ~Terri Guillemets, "A night at the office," 1992

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Jeans Day! ~Terri Guillemets, "Is it Friday yet?," 1995

You have casual Fridays. Those of us who work at home have shaveless Mondays… deodorantless Tuesdays… sockless Wednesdays… and of course, topless Thursdays. ~Rob Harrell, Adam@Home, June 1996,

      If you're confused about Casual Friday, you're not alone. A recent survey found that while 24 percent of Americans observe "Casual Friday" at their place of work, 43 percent of the respondents said their office did not have a formal "casual" dress code policy.
      According to the poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International on behalf of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the Friday Scotch, the number one item men "go without" on Casual Friday is a tie (84 percent). The number one item women go without is pantyhose (71 percent). The "Friday Rules" survey showed that the favorite item of clothing to wear to work on "casual days" is jeans (45 percent). ~"Confused about Casual Friday?," The Florida Star, August 1997,

JOAN:  Tomorrow is a casual day. What level are you wearing?
VAL:  There are levels?
JOAN:  Sure! There's active casual, rugged casual, snappy casual, business casual…
VAL:  I'm wearing pants with an elastic waist.
JOAN:  Post-holiday-diet casual? Me too!
~Jan Eliot, Stone Soup, January 2001,

Building on the popularity of casual Fridays, many companies have instituted bad hair Monday. ~John McPherson, Close to Home, September 2005,

ENO:  I love commando Friday.
COWORKER:  It's 'casual' Friday.
ENO:  Oops.
~Glenn McCoy, The Duplex, June 2011,

If we have Casual Friday, we should also have Pajamas Monday, No-Pants Tuesday, Drunk at Work Wednesday, and Call in Sick Thursday. ~Internet meme, c.2012

I don't always wear jeans to the office — but when I do, they're called denim slacks. ~Internet meme, c.2015

If showing up in a bathrobe with a box of wine is wrong, then maybe I don't fully understand how Casual Friday works. ~Internet meme, c.2016

Starting a load of laundry at 9 PM because you just remembered that tomorrow is Jeans Day  ~Internet meme, c.2016

Work from home — casual Friday every day! ~Internet meme, c.2016

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