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Quotations about the
Color of Voices & Sounds

Welcome to my page of quotations about the colors of voices and sounds. This includes metaphorical and poetical descriptions, as well as voice-color synesthesia, sound-to-color synesthesia, chromesthesia, color-hearing, etc.  —ღ Terri

If you have the colour-sense, you will know that a purple voice is the sweetest of all. ~A. J. Anderson, "The Dark Side of the Salon," 1908

God has a brown voice,
as soft and full as beer...
~Anne Sexton, "For Eleanor Boylan Talking with God," 1962

I know everyone's voice from everyone else's in a way that's almost impossible to describe. There's a weird clarity to it — like each voice is a ribbon, stretched out, glittering, unique in its color, depth, variety. I hear them like hearing is seeing. Trey has a purple voice, low and dark and deep... ~Rachel DeWoskin, Blind, 2014

The telephone rings. It is one of your friends. You know your friend's voice. You hear the sound of the voice. You can tell if your friend is sad, happy, excited. The sound is the color of the voice. Each voice has a special color. It tells how you feel. ~Robert A. Choate, Richard C. Berg, Lee Kjelson, & Eugene W. Troth, "Voices and Words Have Color," Enjoying Music, 1970

Margarete Matzenauer reveled in the gorgeous opulence of her royal purple voice. ~H. E. Krehbiel, 1920

He has suddenly, without a word of warning, gone in for Art. He paints portraits. You never saw such things — blots, and smears, and a regular mess. He does nothing but blether about tones, and values, and the colors of sounds. He says that Agnes has a pink voice, and he painted her voice. Everything about it is pink — except her face, and that is violet. He says that he sees her that way. He painted another woman as ‘The Purple Smile.’  ~Pearl Mary-Teresa Richards Craigie, The School for Saints, 1897  [A little altered. Published under Mrs Craigie's pseudonym, John Oliver Hobbes. –tg]

She had a sweet orange voice, too, with just a hint of acid in it and a rather strange story to sell. ~Joseph Harry Silber, Bum, 2012

The red voice of fear keeps asking, "What is happening to me?" The blue voice remains silent. ~Mary Linda Landauer, When Water Runs UpHill, 2007

Scarlet as the voice of trumpets... ~Anne Knish (Arthur Davison Ficke), "Opus 134," Spectra: A Book of Poetic Experiments, 1916

Her voice that was the color of autumn,
Bruised with the burnt cry of maples
And the deep blue-purple of the after-sunset hills,
Her voice that knew the undertones of bronze
And copper and crimson leaves,
That touched the whisper of summer's dying
And the cold dawn glitter of the first white frost,
Is still. Her voice is silenced. Her voice is lost.
But autumn
Goes on forever
~Frances M. Frost, "Requiem for an Autumn Singer," Hemlock Wall, 1929

In another place, at another time, Alette Peters could have been a successful artist. As far back as she could remember, her senses were tuned to the nuances of color. She could see colors, smell colors and hear colors. Her father's voice was blue and sometimes red. Her mother's voice was dark brown. Her teacher's voice was yellow. The grocer's voice was purple. The sound of the wind in the trees was green. The sound of running water was gray. ~Sidney Sheldon, Tell Me Your Dreams, 1998

Breathe in the beautiful blue energy of the sky... now breathe out this blue energy. Breathe your big beautiful blue voice out over the earth. ~Vali Fuller-Quinn & Tinkie Quinn, "Throat Chakra Meditation," Rainbow Traveller: Colour Fun with Chakras, 2016

The best voices, whether blue or green or lavender, are full of flashes of light. ~John Rummell, "The Color of Sound," in Werner's Magazine, 1897

Came forth a deep, purple voice, "Come, we are losing time!" ~Alice Woods Ullman, A Gingham Rose, 1904

Your sound is your voice color, and your voice color is your sound. ~David Love, The Colors of Voices, 2011  [Love, who lost his sight at age seven, experiences sounds, numbers, etc. as colors. –tg]

Her words evoked textures and echoes, the color of voices, the rhythm of footsteps. ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind, 2001, translated from Spanish by Lucia Graves, 2004

When someone spoke he would see colours escaping their mouth... like grass after having been dragged through the mud on a rainy day, a murky green; or, his girlfriend's voice, a motherly tone, bland pink. He knew his own voice was a red, the colour of a ruby lost in mist, a hazy red. His favorite singer made the most beautiful purple tones he'd ever seen; he loved the colours of music. ~Wolfette Nightingale, "The Colour of Your Voice," 2017

It started one day when my younger son said "Mummy, that man has a 'brown' voice." We all listened, and sure enough you couldn't describe it in any other colour. It was the voice of Andy Cowan Martin. We listened for other brown voices. There was Jack Train, Ralph Wightman, and Jimmy Edwards — though, as our nine-year-old pointed out, they were different shades of brown. Jimmy Edwards's voice has warm orange in it, and Ralph Wightman's is dark brown. Jack Buchanan has a khaki-coloured voice. We are all quite decided that Nancy Spain's voice is pink, and the laugh of Bebe Daniels is definitely yellow. When it comes to news announcers we can't be sure. They seem to be just black and white. ~Radio Times, 1955

Fœdric is a scholar and is engaged in writing a treatise on the color of sounds. He was attracted to that subject by the fact that he possesses in a striking degree the faculty of hearing color, which belongs only to refined minds. We all have this power to some extent, but there are great differences among us. The doctor's voice is dark blue, while yours is yellow. Fœdric, a true son of Mars, speaks red, and as for Zenith, her soft, pink voice has always been one of her principal charms. Antonia's voice is a beautiful green. ~James Cowan, "Again the Moon," Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World, 1896  [a little altered –tg]

When you are enacting a part, think of your voice as a colour, and, as you paint your picture, mix your colors. You have on your palate a white voice, la voix blanche; a heavenly, ethereal or blue voice, the voice of prayer; a disagreeable, jealous, or yellow voice; a steel-gray voice, for quiet sarcasm; a brown voice of hopelessness; a lurid, red voice of hot rage; a deep, thunderous voice of black; a cheery voice, the colour of the green sea that a brisk breeze is crisping; and then there is a pretty little pink voice, and shades of violet. ~Richard Mansfield, address to graduates of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1901

I have to rely on my friends to tell me the shade of my own voice, for to my ears it is as colorless as a piece of the clearest glass. ~James Cowan, "Again the Moon," Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World, 1896

It is very often possible to tell the nationality of an individual by the color of his voice alone. The English and German voices are commonly red or reddish-brown, while the French voice, especially in men, is very frequently green. The Italian voice is rather darker, being tinted with blue, lavender or indigo. Of course, there are exceptions to all these types. ~John Rummell, "The Color of Sound," in Werner's Magazine, 1897  [a little altered –tg]

The black bark of a dog
Made patterns against the night.
And little leaves flute-noted across the moon.
~Anne Knish (Arthur Davison Ficke), "Opus 191," Spectra: A Book of Poetic Experiments, 1916  [farce —tg]

There are, in fact, persons who are endowed with such sensibility that they can not hear a sound without at the same time perceiving colours. This phenomenon, "colour-hearing," as the English call it, has been hitherto little observed... For one subject, the human voice gives multifarious impressions. The vowels i and e produce the most lively colours, a and o less defined ones, u a dark tint, and diphthongs combined colours. ~Henri de Parville, "Association of Colours with Sounds," 1883

Well, that might be because time is a circle but it's also sometimes a line. See, you're either experiencing something in the past that you would have experienced in the future, or you're remembering something that already happened that you haven't seen yet. Also, did you know that you can taste colors? ~The Middle, "Halloween IV: The Ghost Story," 2013, written by Roy Brown  [S5, E5, Brick]

We're all synesthetes. There are cross-connections going on in all of us, except we're not consciously aware of them. And so, what makes synesthetes different is that they simply have more cross-connections than you or I do, and they are also consciously aware that they have them... Synesthetes simply have a different texture of reality, a different point of view. ~Richard E. Cytowic, on The UnXplained, "Superhuman Senses," 2020, S2, E2, HISTORY Channel,,

Synesthesia shows that we sense the world in a much more integrated way than we think we do. ~Richard E. Cytowic, on The UnXplained, "Superhuman Senses," 2020, S2, E2, HISTORY Channel,,

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