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Quotations about
the Color of Voices

Welcome to my page of quotations about the colors of voices.  SEE ALSO:  Voice-Color Synesthesia  —ღ Terri

If you have the colour-sense, you will know that a purple voice is the sweetest of all. ~A. J. Anderson, "The Dark Side of the Salon," 1908

God has a brown voice,
as soft and full as beer...
~Anne Sexton, "For Eleanor Boylan Talking with God," 1962

The telephone rings. It is one of your friends. You know your friend's voice. You hear the sound of the voice. You can tell if your friend is sad, happy, excited. The sound is the color of the voice. Each voice has a special color. It tells how you feel. ~Robert A. Choate, Richard C. Berg, Lee Kjelson, & Eugene W. Troth, "Voices and Words Have Color," Enjoying Music, 1970

Margarete Matzenauer reveled in the gorgeous opulence of her royal purple voice. ~H. E. Krehbiel, 1920

She had a sweet orange voice, too, with just a hint of acid in it and a rather strange story to sell. ~Joseph Harry Silber, Bum, 2012

The red voice of fear keeps asking, "What is happening to me?" The blue voice remains silent. ~Mary Linda Landauer, When Water Runs UpHill, 2007

Breathe in the beautiful blue energy of the sky... now breathe out this blue energy. Breathe your big beautiful blue voice out over the earth. ~Vali Fuller-Quinn & Tinkie Quinn, "Throat Chakra Meditation," Rainbow Traveller: Colour Fun with Chakras, 2016

Came forth a deep, purple voice, "Come, we are losing time!" ~Alice Woods Ullman, A Gingham Rose, 1904

Her words evoked textures and echoes, the color of voices, the rhythm of footsteps. ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind, 2001, translated from Spanish by Lucia Graves, 2004

It started one day when my younger son said "Mummy, that man has a 'brown' voice." We all listened, and sure enough you couldn't describe it in any other colour. It was the voice of Andy Cowan Martin. We listened for other brown voices. There was Jack Train, Ralph Wightman, and Jimmy Edwards — though, as our nine-year-old pointed out, they were different shades of brown. Jimmy Edwards's voice has warm orange in it, and Ralph Wightman's is dark brown. Jack Buchanan has a khaki-coloured voice. We are all quite decided that Nancy Spain's voice is pink, and the laugh of Bebe Daniels is definitely yellow. When it comes to news announcers we can't be sure. They seem to be just black and white. ~Radio Times, 1955

When you are enacting a part, think of your voice as a colour, and, as you paint your picture, mix your colors. You have on your palate a white voice, la voix blanche; a heavenly, ethereal or blue voice, the voice of prayer; a disagreeable, jealous, or yellow voice; a steel-gray voice, for quiet sarcasm; a brown voice of hopelessness; a lurid, red voice of hot rage; a deep, thunderous voice of black; a cheery voice, the colour of the green sea that a brisk breeze is crisping; and then there is a pretty little pink voice, and shades of violet. ~Richard Mansfield, address to graduates of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1901

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