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Quotations about the Color Red

Welcome to my page of quotations about red — the color of cherries, roses, chili peppers, strawberries, autumn leaves, lipstick, high heels!  —ღ Terri

No things could seem further apart than the doubt of grey and the decision of scarlet. Yet grey and red can mingle, as they do in the morning clouds. ~G. K. Chesterton, "The Glory of Grey," Alarms and Discursions, 1910

When in doubt, wear red. It always stands out in a room full of people. ~Bill Blass (1922–2002)

Red is a strong, ostentatious, and warm colour; and, being so beyond every other, it is therefore the fit symbol of war, pomp, and power. From its hot and fiery nature, it is expressive of anger and the ardent passions. ~W. J. & G. A. Audsley, Taste versus Fashionable Colours: A Manual for Ladies on Colour in Dress, 1863

A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful. ~Henri Matisse (1869–1954), unverified

The scarlet poppies stand erect and tall,
Color that burns as if no frost could tame...
~Celia Thaxter, "Schumann’s Sonata in A Minor," 1881

Red protects itself. No colour is as territorial. It stakes a claim, is on the alert against the spectrum. ~Derek Jarman (1942–1994), "On Seeing Red," Chroma: A Book of Colour — June '93, 1994

Red evokes many emotions. It's impulsive, lively, passionate, energetic, and powerful. ~Joen Wolfrom, Adventures in Design, 2011

Colors work you over... A certain blue enters your soul. A certain red has an effect on your blood-pressure. ~Henri Matisse, 1952, translated

Red is the color of blood, and I will seek it...
It is the color of steep sun seen through eyelids.
It is hidden under the suave flesh of women,—
Flow there, quietly flows...
Madness for red! I devour the leaves of autumn.
I tire of the green of the world...
I think of you, writhing, a thing of scarlet,
And myself, rising red from that embrace...
~Conrad Aiken, "The Charnel Rose," 1915

...the deep insistent red of things time-worn beyond memory. ~John C. Van Dyke, The Desert, 1901

Red is a favourite colour with all the nations of the world. Just as it gives life to the human face by making the circulation of the blood transparent, so it animates all surfaces where it appears, and enlivens all the harmonies in which it plays a part. Occupying a place between the liveliness of light and the quiet of dark colours, red has an expression of dignity, magnificence, and pomp. ~Charles Blanc, "Personal Adornment: Colours and Their Expression," Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875, translated from French

I love, till my heart is red as February and purple as March. ~Emily Dickinson

I will not bow my head
To listen to the dead.
I am alive and I am young,
There is gladness on my tongue,
And my lips are red.
There is red within my blood,
There is red beneath my cheek,
There is a flood
Of red that makes me sing and speak
And shout with youth...
~Mary Carolyn Davies, "Youth Riding," 1919

Hey Duncan. It's me, Red Crayon. We need to talk. You make me work harder than any of your other crayons. All year long I wear myself out coloring fire engines, apples, strawberries and everything else that's red. I even work on holidays! I have to color all the Santas at Christmas and all the hearts on Valentine's day! I need a rest! ~Drew Daywalt, The Day the Crayons Quit, 2013

Red as henna, as cinnamon,
as coals after the fire is banked,
the cardinal in the feeder,
the roses tumbling on the arbor...
~Marge Piercy, “Colors passing through us”

Nature, as you must have observed, is exceedingly chary in the use of red. ~H. Addington Bruce, Nerve Control and How to Gain It, 1918

I don't like red as a colour, I think it is ugly, and it frightens me. ~Jittie Martin Horlick (1881–1973), A String of Beads, 1911

Blue is the male principle, robust and spiritual. Yellow the female principle, gentle, cheerful, and sensual. Red is matter, brutal and heavy and always the color which must be fought and overcome by the others! ~Franz Marc, letter to August Macke, 1910 December 12th, translated

What is red? a poppy's red
In its barley bed.
~Christina G. Rossetti, Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book, 1872

Red has been praised for its nobility as the colour of life. But the true colour of life is not red. Red is the colour of violence, or of life broken open, edited, and published. Or if red is indeed the colour of life, it is so only on condition that it is not seen. Once fully visible, red is the colour of life violated... The true colour of life is the colour of the body, the colour of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses. It is the modest colour of the unpublished blood. ~Alice Meynell

Maroon is dark red; pure red is deep intense red; scarlet is red with some touch of yellow; and crimson is a blue-red. ~F. Schuyler Mathews, "Comparative Colors and their Relation to Flowers," 1894

Wasn't Dorian Grey's brain speckled with the scarlet stain of insanity? ~Derek Jarman (1942–1994), "On Seeing Red," Chroma: A Book of Colour — June '93, 1994

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