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How To Contact Me

I love mail but get lots of it, so please read these brief FAQ before contacting me. Other inquiries, feedback, corrections, and all else related to quotations is welcome and can be sent to the address at the end of the questions.

      ღ Where is the site search?

          It’s disabled for now. See bottom of page for search tips.

      ღ Where is the quote of the day?

          I am taking a break from this to focus on other things.

      ღ Can I submit a quote?

          Thank you, I’m not currently accepting submissions.

      ღ Can I donate to help keep the site ad-free?

          Yes, please! Click here to support.

      ღ Do you accept guest content or link requests?

          Not at this time.

      ღ Will you do evaluations, reviews, or testimonials?

          At this time I’m not available for these services.

      ღ What is the pronunciation of Terri Guillemets?

          To listen click here — audio file opens in a new tab.

      ღ Will you answer copyright questions?

          Sorry, my lawyer says no.

      ღ Are you interested in selling your website?

          Oh goodness, no! This is my life.

      ღ Can I use your quote collection as a database?

          No, due to third-party permissions and copyright issues.

      ღ Which authors are your personal favorites?

          Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles Dickens

      ღ Why is the answer to most of these questions no?

          I have a real life too, with lots to do. The hours are short.

          And, I am getting old and tired. The years are short.

      ღ Do you still love us, though?

          Yes. Yes, I do!

If the above questions did not address your issue, please feel free to email me at — PLEASE  NOTE:  I do not reply to most advertising and business solicitations but rest assured that I will keep your information on file for any future needs; thanks in advance for not cluttering my inbox with follow-ups. —ღ Terri

“Then there’s the joy of getting your desk clean, and knowing that all your letters are answered, and you can see the wood on it again.”  ~Lady Bird Johnson

Tips for finding quotations while the site search is unavailable:

1.  At most search engines you can type  in front of your search query to show results only from this specific website. You may need to weed through some of the search engine’s advertisements. This type of search works best with Google, also Startpage or DuckDuckGo.  (Note:  no space after "site:")

2.  On The Quote Garden homepage, press  Ctrl+F  in your browser to search for words on the page. This helps you to look quickly through the hundreds of topics. This method will search the index text only but not the individual website pages.

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