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“Little Things” Quotations

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault,

Let me be big in little things... ~Edgar Guest (1881–1959)

It's the little things that count, so count the little things. ~Author unknown, early 1900s

Life is really made up of inconsequent trifles. The great things will take care of themselves. The problem of the hour is the little things. And little gratitudes are among the most important of them. ~William Ellis, 1904

To-day I wish to indicate for you the uses of infantine self-satisfaction; and to show you that it is by no error or excess in our nature, by no corruption or distortion of our being, that we are disposed to take delight in the little things that we can do ourselves, more than in the great things done by other people. ~John Ruskin, "The Power of Contentment in Science and Art," 1872

One of the things all of us need to learn in this rushing age is to enjoy the little things more. Most big things are made out of a combination of little things, so naturally, if we enjoy the part intensely, we cannot help enjoying the whole. ~The Golden Slipper, edited by Thomas Dreier, August 1920

Courtesy is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Author unknown, early 1900s

Attitude is the “little” thing that makes the big difference. ~Zig Ziglar, 1970s

And now that all my beard is white...
The little things remain most bright.
The lonely autumn cry of geese
Which slowly flew across our town,
The turning of the leaves to brown
As frost arrives and brings life peace.
The broken patches of the moon
That silvers waves which wash the shore,
Just these few waves and nothing more,
Unless it be the floating loon.
The barren yellow of the sand;
The darkest blue of sky and lake;
The water lily blooms that make
About its edge a wide white band.
To those who read the following line:
See and enjoy the little things;
In age the bigger ones have wings;
It is the little things that shine.
~Carrow De Vries (1906–1991), "Igar ver Meer," c.1941

Be thankful for the little things, that always come your way,
For little things to wondrous size, perchance may grow some day.
Don't cast aside red roses, just because of one sharp thorn,
Remember it's the darkest night, that brings the brightest dawn.
~Author unknown, 1920s

Many people never take time to enjoy the pleasant things in life. They trample down the violets and the beautiful small flowers trying to reach the larger life blossoms. They try too hard to attain the big things while it is the multitude of little things, the little enjoyments as we go along, that makes life happy. Most people go through life straining their eyes for something so far ahead and so impossible to attain that they trample down all of the lesser joys. It is our straining for big results that incapacitates us from enjoying the every-day little things. ~Orison Sweet Marden, The Joys of Living, 1913

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
~Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

I believe it would do us good to rise above the little things, the disappointing things, the difficult things, and to see the larger things that are now facing us and to ask ourselves how we are to meet them. ~John Wanamaker, 1911

Hospitality is a big thing... In fact, hospitality is made of a million little things with big meaning and big results. ~The Hotel Monthly by John Willy, 1921

Oh, it's just the little homely things, the unobtrusive, friendly things, the "Won't-you-let-me-help-you" things, that make our pathway light. And it's just the jolly joking things, the "Never-mind-the-trouble" things; the "Laugh-with-me-it's-funny" things that make the world seem bright. For all the countless famous things, those never-can-be-equalled things, that all the papers cite are not like little human things, the every-day-encountered things, the "Just-because-I-like-you" things that make us happy, quite! So here's to all the little things, the done-and-then-forgotten things, those "Oh-it's-simply-nothing" things, that make life worth the fight. ~Grace Haines, "Little Things," 1922

Little things console us because little things afflict us. ~Blaise Pascal

We are apt to think that it doesn't matter very much about seemingly unimportant habits, and that it is of no account how we do the little things, the non-essentials as we call them. But it does make all the difference in the world, because our manner of doing the little things enters into our life structure. As a matter of fact there are no little things. ~Orison Swett Marden, Everybody Ahead, 1916

If every one did the very best he knew, most of the problems of human life would be already settled... It does not matter if the greatest thing for you to do be not in itself great. The best preparation for greatness comes in doing faithfully the little things that lie nearest. ~David Starr Jordan, "The Meaning of Human Existence," 1899

Half the joy of life is in little things taken on the run. Let us run if we must — even the sands do that — but let us keep our hearts young and our eyes open that nothing worth our while shall escape us. And everything is worth while if we only grasp it and its significance... So as long as enthusiasm lasts, so long is youth still with us. ~David Starr Jordan, Life's Enthusiasms, 1906

So don't despise the little things
Which happen daily round us,
For some of them may chance take wings
To startle and astound us.
Trace back the greatest deed—it springs
From trifles which no poet sings—
Some trifling change, which found us
Prepared to grasp and mount its wings;
Then with our fame the wide earth rings,
And Fate's high hand hath crowned us,
Because we watched those little things
Which she made happen round us.
~Charles G. Halpine (1829–1868), "Little Rhyme of Little Things, For Very Little People"

There is this about Mr. Jellybond Tinney which it is always pleasant to contemplate — he did enjoy himself. "Enjoy as you go along," he was continually saying: "enjoy the little things." ~Sarah Grand, Babs the Impossible, 1900

I am the long ropes of steel, and I am the strands of blue moonlight — the strength and the beauty.
I am the violets, and I am the rocks — the kindness and the no-capitulation.
I come in the big recognition of little things, in the stupendous portent of a moment, the dynamics of a blade of grass.
~Muriel Strode (1875–1964), "Songs of the Strong: II," A Soul's Faring, 1921

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind. I never water my garden without soaking myself. It has been after such times of joy that I have achieved my greatest creativity and produced my best work. ~Leo Buscaglia, Bus 9 to Paradise: A Loving Voyage, 1986

What are you here for? What do you mean to the world? What message does your life, your career, bring to it? What do you mean to your community? What do you stand for? What do you represent? Do you realize that you were sent here with a message for humanity?... What are you giving to the world?... Are you dreaming of the big thing you are going to do to-morrow, or are you doing the little things which you can do to-day, giving yourself as you go along; giving, if you have nothing else to give, encouragement, inspiration, helpfulness to those on the way with you? ~Orison Swett Marden, "Heart-to-Heart Talks with Yourself," How To Get What You Want, 1917

Had I the power to bestow on Youth a gift that well would serve him, I would choose to give the power to enjoy the little things that come to cheer us day by day. The sunshine, the glorious storm that makes us feel our strength, the good meal, the cheery word, the smile, the hand grasp, the new clothes, the play, the book, the popular song, the satisfaction of work well done, the loving understanding of a comrade, the unselfishness of a mate, the new moon, the dance, the courtesy of a passing stranger, the thoughtfulness of a friend, a father's courage and a mother's loving ministrations. ~The Silent Partner, 1921

...delight in little things,
The buoyant child surviving in the man...
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "The Blossoming of the Solitary Date-Tree"

Liberty is fragile and little things matter because they lead to big things. ~Evan McMullin, @Evan_McMullin, tweet, 2017

You must give some time to your fellowmen. Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here, too. ~Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965)

A drop of water is a little thing, yet of such consists the ocean. A spark is a little thing, yet it may set a world in flames. ~"Trifles," in The Sunday-School World, 1862

There is wonderful meaning in the common every-day happenings, the little things that come up in the daily routine, which most of us lose sight of, and that is, the opportunity they give for character building, for mental training, for the object of all of life's endeavor — man-building and woman-building. Your name and face may never appear in the newspapers or magazines, but every day you have an opportunity to live a beautiful life, a helpful life. ~Orison Swett Marden

Oh, what a little thing can turn
A heavy heart from sighs to song!
A smile can make the world less stern;
A word can cause the soul to burn
With glow of heaven, all night long!
~James Buckham, "The Lesser Ministries," c.1893

A little thing that don't cost nothing, and it's just the little things that makes a man to be looked up to and liked. ~Mark Twain

If we want to flood our lives with sunshine and love we must be real men and women; and to be real men and women there are some things besides getting a living which we must do. Whatever our vocations we must make a business of humanity... It will cost us nothing to scatter our flowers as we go along... No matter how limited our means we can give a smile and a word of cheer to those to minister to our comforts, who help us in our daily work... Kind words, a smile, a bit of encouragement or inspiration may seem but little things, of no account to many of us, yet they may be worth everything to some lonely or discouraged soul famishing for sympathy and encouragement. ~Orison Swett Marden, Love's Way, 1918

If you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise clear down to the little-est things, you must live Love clear down to the little-est things. ~Elizabeth Jones Towne, Practical Methods for Self Development, 1904

She smiled, thinking of her dainty garden at home, of her chamber of Peace. Yes, she had learned some very precious lessons in it. Her spiritual sight had been quickened to enjoy the little things of life, to see their importance, the joy and solace of them. ~Amanda M. Douglas, In the Sherburne Line, 1907

The vale where first the breath of life I drew...
Where fled unheeded all my happiest hours...
Blest days gone by!—evanished like a dream—
Days of our Youth! when life could joy impart,
And little things could charm the simple heart...
~Henry Heavisides (1791–1870), "The Pleasures of Home," 1837–1840

What we call little things are merely the causes of great things; they are the beginning, the embryo, and it is the point of departure which, generally speaking, decides the whole future of an existence. ~Henri Frédéric Amiel, journal, 1868

It's the little things of life — the seemingly insignificant things — that count... It's the little things of business that bring success... It's the little things of business that bring failure... If the little things of business are attended to, the big things will take care of themselves. ~Taylor Z. Richey, "Little Things," 1900

Exactness in little things is a wonderful source of cheerfulness. ~F. W. Faber

"Teach us delight in simple things," is the prayer of the most popular of modern poets. No finer prayer could reach the divine ear... He who can drink from the wayside stream need seldom go thirsty, and he who can find joy in the little things of life need never be without interest or worthy occupation or opportunities for service.. ~Ernest J. Bowden, "Little Kindnesses," 1919

You are making memories for those children that will return to them again and again long after you have had your last day in school... You are tired with the hard winter... and do not feel in any mood to enter into the spring rejoicing, but trying to forget yourself for the sake of the joy that spring brings to the children will be the very best rest and tonic you can have. Hidden away under your teacher dignity is a longing for the power to enjoy the little things again as in childhood days. Let your children see it. ~Eva D. Kellogg, "May," 1902

Most of us think of the wonderful things we would do if we could only get rid of the worries, the annoyances, the disturbances, the little things that nettle and prick us day by day, as well as the big and little things that defeat our ambitions — the failures, the disappointments, the heartaches, the heartbreaks, the blunders, the setbacks that continually tend to trip us up and discourage us. Yet the real test of our bigness is whether we will fulfill our purposes to the letter; carry out our life plan superbly in spite of all the things that are apparently trying to down us, or whether we shall allow ourselves to be overcome by the hindrances that dog the steps of every ambitious soul. ~Orison Swett Marden, You Can, But Will You?, 1920

One little thing can revive a guy
And that is a piece of rhubarb pie
Serve it up, nice and hot
Maybe things aren't as bad as you thought.
~Bebopareebop Rhubarb Pie, "sponsor" of A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor,,

...he had no distinct idea how many little things went to make up the sum of an ordinary person's daily life. ~Bram Stoker

There are no such things as trifles in the biography of man. Drops make up the sea. Acorns cover the earth with oaks... Sands make up the bar in the harbor's mouth, on which vessels are wrecked; and little things in youth accumulate into character in age, and destiny in eternity... If you cannot be a great river, bearing great vessels of blessings to the world, you can be a little spring by the wayside of life, singing merrily all day and all night, and giving a cup of cold water to every weary, thirsty one who passes by. Life is made up of little things. ~John Cumming, 1849, modified by T. L. Haines and L. W. Yaggy, 1876

Think of that — what little things change the world's history... ~Mark Twain

Little things are always altering the big things in the course of history. ~Philip Sanford Marden, Sailing South, 1921

In a word, it takes a greater courage to face the little things of life, than the big things. But it is in these little things that the true leaders are born, and when the great emergencies arise, they are ready and waiting to assume their rightful places as leaders of mankind. ~Orison Swett Marden, The Conquest of Worry, 1924

But if the Length of the Journey was all, it would be no burden. But the Consideration of What is to be done, is of great Weight. Great Things are wanted to be done, and little Things only I fear can be done. ~John Adams, 1774

As the spider weaves his motif
From his mystic silver strings
So we build up human coldness
From a million little things.
~Gertrude Dowsett, "Sensitiveness," 1922

There's no one big thing in it to worry a man — just a million little things. Some men can't stand it, though; they haven't quite the right nervous system. ~R. M. Neal, High Green and the Bark Peelers, 1950

For only the serene soul is strong. Every moment of worry weakens the soul for its daily combat. Worry is an infirmity; there is no virtue in it. Worry is spiritual near-sightedness; a fumbling way of looking at little things, and of magnifying their value. True spiritual vision sweeps the universe and sees things in their right proportion. ~Anna Robertson Brown, What Is Worth While?, 1893

STADIUM LOUDSPEAKER:  "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright..." [Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" song playing]
REBECCA:  God, this song is depressing.
~Ted Lasso, "Sunflowers," 2023, written by Brendan Hunt, Sasha Garron, Keeley Hazell, and Dylan Marron  [S3, E6]

The happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things. ~Ernest Dimnet

...perhaps at the end the little things may teach us most. ~Bram Stoker, Dracula, 1897

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