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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 1996

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 1996 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired.  Some entries were originally untitled with a title added later, and some were first published under other pen names.  —tg, 2023

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Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Apr 5

There's nothing like a mama-hug.

      TITLE:  Time for gratitude
      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Apr 18

If the world were all logic, poetry would starve to death.

      TITLE:  Logic all
      DATE:  1996 Feb 1

Plant love everywhere, so that it grows through the cracks in hatred.

      TITLE:  Grow love
      DATE:  1996 Apr 5
      NOTES:  revised

My favorite place to be is snuggled up in your heart.

      DATE:  1996 Jan 10

Walking is good for solving problems — it's like the feet are little psychiatrists.

      DATE:  1996 Feb 5

Even the sun can't shine on an entire world at once.

      DATE:  1996 Feb 12

Reality is irritatingly obstinate
and so very gosh darn'd sticky!

      TITLE:  Tenacious
      DATE:  1996 Feb 18
      NOTES:  revised

Sometimes life gives honey
      and other times, stings;
Sometimes we need roots—
      and other times, wings.

      TITLE:  All
      DATE:  1996 Apr 26
      NOTES:  revised

To journal is a present of the past to your future self.

      TITLE:  Passed down
      DATE:  1996 Aug 4

Be thou not ashamed of lust —
desire was born in primal dust
it mingled with the seas of life
to make the mud we know as love

      TITLE:  Proof of youth
      DATE:  1996 May 3
      NOTES:  revised

To burn one book is to burn the entire library.

      DATE:  1996 May 3

Fear —
      not running-from-bear
      but running-from-life
Courage —
      not getting-up-the-nerve
      but getting-up-every-day

      TITLE:  Agony of anxious
      DATE:  1996 Jun 17

Your healing will never be complete if you treat it as a destination.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Feb 5

Seasons depart peripherally

      DATE:  1996 Jun 22

Desert — a piece of Earth that God forgot to water.

      TITLE:  Forgotten
      DATE:  1996 Aug 14

He woke me at midnight on February fourteen, to have the first valentine kiss.

      DATE:  1996 Feb 14

Death recycles life
Life recycles death

      TITLE:  Playing ground
      DATE:  1996 Mar 8

Prose is poetry that can't stop talking.

      TITLE:  Valerian song
      DATE:  1996 May 22

Grief is love expressed in tears.

      TITLE:  Smoky
      DATE:  1996 Aug 29

Watches are so named as a reminder — if you don't watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you.

      TITLE:  Tick tock
      DATE:  1996 Apr 3

Solitude is a form of meditation.

      DATE:  1996 Jun 19

Jogging is for those who don't have the guts to skip.

      TITLE:  Running scared
      DATE:  1996 Feb 17

Please someone tell me—
am I actually demented,
or just well-fermented?

      TITLE:  Tempus insaniam
      DATE:  1996 Apr 5

the seam between desert and night
glows pastel to neon to clear blue light

      TITLE:  Phoenix sunrise
      DATE:  1996 Apr 17
      NOTES:  revised

The first glass is a sedative, the second a psychologist, the third glass an excuse, and the fourth a lobotomy.

      TITLE:  I need glasses
      DATE:  1996 Apr 5

The desert is a scorpion's tale of stings and survival.

      DATE:  1996 Apr 9

They loved with a love that was frayed around the edges but strong at the seams.

      TITLE:  Measured in love-years
      DATE:  1996 May 5

I miss you always and every day
But when I search my heart for you
I find that you never went away

      DATE:  1996 Oct 5

Nature is raw, ugly
beautiful & sleek —

      DATE:  1996 Jun 3

Soul and heart found each other, yet both are lost.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Dec 18

Happiness is the soundtrack of my life.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Dec 25

With tea, one is always in company, even when taken alone.

      DATE:  1996 Oct 12

I've spent most of my life walking under that hovering cloud, jealousy, whose acid raindrops blurred my vision and burned holes in my heart. Once I learned to use the umbrella of confidence, the skies cleared up for me and the sunshine called joy became my faithful companion.

      DATE:  1996 Dec 8

Other than a dimple in a cute little chin,
What's more adorable than a toothless grin?

      TITLE:  Meeting the family
      DATE:  1996 Jul 7

When she grew up she wanted to be strong. As strong as a bad habit.

      TITLE:  Unbreakable
      DATE:  1996 Aug 2

Ever felt an angel's breath in the gentle breeze? A teardrop in the falling rain? Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves? Or been kissed by a lone snowflake? Nature is an angel's favorite hiding place.

      DATE:  1996 Apr 20

Sometimes a saguaro looks like it's giving the middle finger to the world, an "F  you, it's hot out here!"

      TITLE:  Take a hike
      DATE:  1996 Mar 8

Tea is instant wisdom — just add water!

      TITLE:  Singing valerian
      DATE:  1996 Jan 13

Tea is liquid wisdom.

      TITLE:  Mentality
      DATE:  1996 Oct 12

Mind and heart, once enemies, now friends, will serve you well.

      DATE:  1996 Sep 6

Sometimes cute furry creatures with four legs can help remind us of what's truly important.

      TITLE:  The comings and the goings
      DATE:  1996 Aug 29

A new year is simply the turn of a calendar page — and a beautiful chance to turn over a new leaf.

      TITLE:  January up
      DATE:  1996 Jan 1
      NOTES:  revised

The answer to poverty is not charity, the solution to abortion is not laws, the key to saving the environment is not recycling. As Thoreau so wisely noted, we must strike at the root, not hack at the branches.

      TITLE:  Comfort is not always the best medicine
      DATE:  1996 Jan 5

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils, to point toward their true selves.

      TITLE:  Direction
      DATE:  1996 Mar 27
      NOTES:  scientifically accurate? I don't know. poetically accurate? yes.

Silence is the secret to sanity.

      DATE:  1996 Apr 30

I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart.

      DATE:  1996 Apr 19

I don't need to live a long time. I just want to live a good time.

      TITLE:  One year, then another
      DATE:  1996 Apr 26

Occasionally I think I overspent on a pair of shoes, but when I calculate on a cost-per-compliment basis it always ends up a budget purchase.

      TITLE:  Savings & goings
      DATE:  1996 Apr 18
      NOTES:  revised
      UPDATE, 40s:  now I calculate value on comfort, not cuteness

My mind's terrain has become exceedingly rough. Emotional scars are changing my internal geography faster than the mapmaker can keep pace. Wrong turns and dead ends abound, and I'm afraid someday I'll drown in a river I didn't know was there.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 May 15

Even the sleeping kettle has stories to tell.

      DATE:  1996 Apr 3

Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress.

      TITLE:  Fuego
      DATE:  1996 Mar 16

Spring in verses
Verses in spring

      DATE:  1996 May 9

Chocolate is like medicine — but as with medicine, the key is the proper dose. Don't overdo it.

      TITLE:  Rita’s Dove
      DATE:  1996 May 2

Women love holding young babes in their arms. And so do men.

      DATE:  1996 Mar 28

I keep believing that I need to find my lost self, that all I have to do is reach deep within myself, to find the old me. But it finally came to me that no matter how much I don't like it, I am a different person now. The basic mold, the fundamentals, sure — still me — but the old me is just a memory. It's not really something that I can find buried within me. It's not something that will someday reappear when my problems disappear or when I finally lose weight. If I liked the old me, which I did, then she becomes a model that I can use to recreate myself when I find the strength to do so. And that time is now. The strength will come as I need it, as I create it, as I learn to let go or accept, or to fight in those places of life where I really mean it — to listen to my soul which fights are essential, and where to bow down and move quietly along.

      TITLE:  Twenty-two atop the mountain
      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  1996 Feb 5

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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 1996

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