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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2005

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2005 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired.  It includes content written for The Quote Garden as well as personal journals and writings.  Some entries were originally untitled with a title added later, and some were first published under other pen names.  —tg, 2023

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Courage is tiny pieces of fear all glued together.

      TITLE:  Nerve us!
      DATE:  2005 Jan 11

Follow your passion and success will follow you.

      DATE:  2005 Jan 11

I need to get over the hard times of my past. They've left scars, but scars are just memories.

      TITLE:  Stitches & seams
      DATE:  2005 Jan 13

Cell phones are the latest invention in rudeness.

      DATE:  2005 Feb 6

Experience is the thorn-lined road to success.

      TITLE:  Prickly & proverbial
      DATE:  2005 Feb 11

Every once in a while, turn life over to see what it looks like from the other side.

      DATE:  2005 Feb 25

My morning cutoff for coffee is when my hands turn earthquake and my eyes go double-exposure.

      TITLE:  Coffee at the office is only 25¢!
      DATE:  2005 Feb 25

I try to stop drinking coffee each morning before the earth starts quaking beneath my feet — or, before my body starts quaking on my feet. Before I become a human coffeequake. Mmm, coffee cake!

      TITLE:  Perhaps an extra cup too much
      DATE:  2005 Feb 25

Monday — Meh-day.

      TITLE:  But, Ralph!
      DATE:  2005 Feb 25

Life. — Enjoy whatever flowers come with the manure.

      TITLE:  Stop to smell the goodness
      DATE:  2005 Feb 26

The past can't see you, but the future is listening.

      TITLE:  History & destiny
      DATE:  2005 Feb 28

Once tea has passed from hot to lukewarm, it's just limp water.

      TITLE:  Interruptions
      DATE:  2005 Mar 3

I translate stars into daydreams
I make rain and rainbows into
      freshly squeezed joy
I breathe the air of possibility
I swim deep in rivers of passion
I use my loneliness as
      stepping stones to love
I am on the march to freedom
I tend to my blossoming soul

      TITLE:  Transforming
      DATE:  2005 May 15

the universe isn't big
it fits inside each of us

      DATE:  2005 Jul 2

Don't cast a shadow on anyone unless you're providing shade.

      DATE:  2005 Aug 10

Say what?! You mean
That's not why they call it an
Em dash? — those Dickinson
Hyphens between?

      TITLE:  Poetic Wordplay
      DATE:  2005 Aug 12

Poets yawn at business,
balk at politics, and believe
words the only currency.

      TITLE:  Sir Real Life
      DATE:  2005 Sep 11

Cockroaches really put my "all creatures great and small" creed to the test.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 2

Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes.

      TITLE:  More room, more thought
      DATE:  2005 Oct 8

The clouds danced an orange-pink waltz with the sunrise.

      TITLE:  Dawn-waltz
      DATE:  2005 Oct 9

Frustration is anger caged in impatience.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 10

If purring could be encapsulated, it would be the most powerful antidepressant on the market.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 11
      NOTES:  revised

Once the lighthouse is seen, the rest of the sea is ignored.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 12

Life leaves its bootprints all over us — we just have to keep getting back up.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 15

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no "I'll start tomorrow." Tomorrow is disease.

      TITLE:  Get on it
      DATE:  2005 Oct 16

Always remember lost, so that you don't take for granted found.

      TITLE:  Ever finding
      DATE:  2005 Oct 19

Mothers are the vital warmth of sun — and they are the comforting coolness of shade.

      DATE:  2005 Oct 22

Cats are sleeping art.

      TITLE:  Silent morning perfectly unarranged
      DATE:  2005 Oct 30

Regrets —
      those ghosts
      of actions
      that haunt
      our thoughts

      DATE:  2005 Nov 5

Other than actually putting pen to paper, I can't think of another more important duty of the writer than to stare wistfully out a window.

      TITLE:  A'musing
      DATE:  2005 Nov 7

Icicles:  fossilized raindrops.

      DATE:  2005 Nov 27

Wine, she serenades me
with her first fragrant glass
purring plush purple poetry
      Tra la la la la, tra lee!

She dances in vinous metre
in a second fermented flute
trilling tipsy-turvy tunes
      Tra la la la la, tra leee!

Sip slosh, now she mumbles
bottle buzzing on pour three
a faint intoxicated harmony
      Tra la la la la, tra leeee!

      DATE:  2005 Dec 3

Having too many things is a burden to the mind, an insult to the earth, and an obstacle to our spiritual well-being.

      TITLE:  At home
      DATE:  2005 Dec 5

Freedom is hiding under the clutter.

      TITLE:  At home
      DATE:  2005 Dec 5

When a cat speaks it's because it has something to say, unlike humans who are the great refuse containers of speech.

      DATE:  2005 Dec 5

If life is good, don't just sit there — dance! If life's not so good — dance even more.

      DATE:  2005 Dec 10

Adversity enhances this tale we call life.

      TITLE:  Pain is a story
      DATE:  2005 Dec 10

Taxes —
wealth and waste
laws and loopholes
dollars and deficits
rights and wrongs
security and wars
ceilings and floors

      DATE:  2005 Dec 10

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the weed killers and the pest killers and the germ killers are also killing you?

      TITLE:  Omnicide
      DATE:  2005 Dec 10
      NOTES:  revised

when i tell myself bedtime stories
you're always my happily ever after

      DATE:  2005 Dec 30

This year's book, at midnight
turns to footnote in the next.

      DATE:  2005 Dec 31

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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2005

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