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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2009

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2009 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired.  It includes content written for The Quote Garden as well as personal journals and writings.  Some entries were originally untitled with a title added later, and some were first published under other pen names.  —tg, 2023

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Winter is a lean, scrappy fighter. Spring blossoms from the sweat of Winter's brow.

      TITLE:  The fight
      DATE:  2009 Jan 10

Scars tell us more about the future than the past, about how we can live strong despite any pain we've been through.

      TITLE:  Healing stronger
      DATE:  2009 Sep 30

The wisest one-word sentence? Breathe.

      TITLE:  Clarity of breath
      DATE:  2009 Jan 3

When a fresh springtime breeze
embraces you — fling your arms
wide open and hug it right back!

      DATE:  2009 Jan 16

Springtime is a poet —
the blue sky its blank page
so vibrant green in rhyme
a different metre for every clime
birds chirping to keep the time
wildflowers yellow, red, purple divine
words dancing on tall blades of grasses
sparkling in the morning dews
no commas the flow keeps buzzing
vernal dashes & blossoming branches
on newly greening verdant trees
refrains whispering in each breeze
butterflies — floating apostrophes
ladybugs dot floral question marks
blissful bees stray stanza to stanza
seeds disperse from verse to verse
continuing a poem that's never ended
and into summer's colors is blended

      TITLE:  Poetry of spring
      DATE:  2009 Jan 24
      NOTES:  revised

Always jump in the puddles! Always skip alongside the flowers. Never turn down a good pillow fight.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 9
      NOTES:  revised

A lover counts time in kisses, not years.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 24

O! how many ghosts in a wound of war.

      DATE:  2009 May 25

Health is a relationship between you and your body.

      TITLE:  Shared wonder
      DATE:  2009 Jul 3

Do not take anything for granted — not one smile or one person or one rainbow or one breath, or one night in your cozy bed.

      TITLE:  Ill & well
      DATE:  2009 Nov 25

Life is woven of love and death, aches and smiles, persistence and letting go.

      TITLE:  Threads
      SOURCE:  2009 Nov 29

Why do I love clouds? You can't save a cloud as you can save a leaf or a flower or a rock — clouds are now!  Clouds are the carpe diem of nature.

      TITLE:  Ever-changing
      DATE:  2009 Jul 4
      NOTES:  revised

Scars are lessons, or victories, memorialized in flesh.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 1

Silence is the uninterrupted sound of forever.

      DATE: 2009 Jan 1

Sometimes the universe tosses out handfuls of glittering opportunity. If it falls upon you, dance! Then get right to work.

      TITLE:  Work hard & shine!
      DATE:  2009 Jan 4

A scar is a prayer of gratitude for that which remains.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 1

Every dawn relights my soul.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 5

A philosopher lives in your mind,
a lover in your heart,
an alchemist in your soul.

      TITLE:  Selves
      DATE:  2009 Jan 7

snowflakes fall from the sky
in peppermint perfection —
i kiss you with quivering lips
but cold is not the reason —
you set my winter heart on fire
and keep me warm all season

      TITLE:  Winter sparks
      DATE:  2009 Jan 10
      NOTES:  revised

A body well cared for glows in happy health.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 12

My wrinkles are a playground of happy memories.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 9

you & i are animal lust
spirit and human emotion
entangled in wild passion

you always touch my heart first
but still find every last place

breaths rise, sweat falls
mine, yours, who knows

bodies wise, minds numb
wills weak, feelings, reveal
speak easy, softly, love
at the tips of our tongues
whisper nothings, give everything
our lips link each other's souls
with kisses blind, rough and kind

fierce fervor, fever, fire, hot desire
flesh burning, hungering, yearning
begging, seeking, pleasing, please
prey of your hands and at my knees

inhale, exhale, scents, intense
assent, consent, relent, unpent
sweet chords, rhythm, rhapsody
harmony, symphony, crescendo

      TITLE:  Capriccio
      DATE:  2009 Apr 24
      NOTES:  revised

If you plant junk food in your body garden, how do you expect to harvest health?

      DATE:  2009 Jul 12
      NOTES:  revised

Ink kisses
dripping crimson words
and with blood-red lips
leaves prints on her finest poetry.

      DATE:  2009 Mar 7

I bleed words,
Ink drops, and
Poetry merges—

      TITLE:  Vein
      DATE:  2009 Mar 7

A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting.

      TITLE:  Sweet sleep
      DATE:  2009 Jun 11

exercise, play, move
stretch, feel, reach, sweat
skip, dance, smile, hug —
use that glorious body
don't let it rot!

      DATE:  2009 Jan 16
      NOTES:  revised

Put on your dream hat and dance all the way to success!

      DATE:  2009 Apr 1

After God perfected the sunrise, he created photographers, artists, and poets to ensure his feat remained immortal.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 19

A harsh critique is a pen stab through the heart — and the resultant inkbleed.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 19

We paint our lives with passion and peace, with love and laughter — to cover the pain and scars, the bitterness and tears.

      TITLE:  War paint
      DATE:  2009 Nov 5
      NOTES:  revised

Even when the future's not certain, our hearts can still be certain — of love and happiness and all that's good.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 4

Even when life isn't good on the outside, you have an option to make it good from the inside out.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 4

Don't say it's all going to be good again someday. It's still good now — if you really look.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 4

All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden.

      DATE:  2009 Sep 29

Life is a battlefield of broken dreams and pieced-together victories.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 18

The edge of autumn frosts with winter's chilled breath.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 20

Scar — fossil in flesh,
a hard-earned relic from your life

      DATE:  2009 Jan 1

A scar is a moment of your life preserved like the imprint of a pressed flower in a scrapbook.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 1

A scar is a memory from the scrapbook your body is keeping about you.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 1

Let's drink to hope
and hope to drink!

      TITLE:  Cheers!
      DATE:  2009 Jan 9

Hard work is rewarding beyond gold. Sweating is living.

      TITLE:  Earn it
      DATE:  2009 Jun 28

What is your life's motto? Write one. Live by it. And revise it when life revises you.

      TITLE:  Don't cry, — rally!
      DATE:  2009 Sep 16
      NOTES:  revised

Joyfully spring from the last breaths of summer and gracefully fall into winter.

      TITLE:  Segue
      DATE:  2009 Aug 2
      NOTES:  revised

We live in our bodies 24 x 7 so why do we lose touch with ourselves like a good friend who moved away — at least send a postcard now and then.

      TITLE:  So close and yet so far
      DATE:  2009 Jun 23

Love is when you can be your true self with someone, and you only want to be your true self because of them.

      TITLE:  Truly, love
      DATE:  2009 Jul 22

Autumn leaves blaze their swan song of color and wait for Winter to wipe the slate clean.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 16

The goal of life:  simple but not empty.

      DATE:  2009 Nov 10

Contentment is the more serene brother of Happiness.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 17

Like steam from a cup of hot tea that fogs our glasses, false urgency of matters at hand blurs our vision to important things in the distance.

      DATE:  2009 Sep 17

If we dance amongst the rooftops, is it not that much further to jig into the starshine?

      DATE:  2009 Jul 29

Your kisses are no asterisk, no postscript — they're always the matter at hand.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 10

I love you,
asterisk — lust.

      TITLE:  the poem you know
      DATE:  2009 Jan 15

Poetry nests in our souls
until it flies away
on a feathery quill.

      TITLE:  Nesting
      DATE:  2009 May 10
      NOTES:  revised

What do I want to be when I grow up? Happy. I want to be happy. And useful, loved, loving, healthy, wise, free, strong.

      DATE:  2009 Aug 12

Winter is simple
no clutter, no color
a blanket of snow
reminds us to rest

      DATE:  2009 Dec 19

And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 11

I try to start every morning with a mug of cheer and an over-easy attitude.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 12

If it's worth getting upset over, then go ahead, but is it really?

      DATE:  2009 Nov 4

I tuck my dreams into the morning
      for safekeeping 'til tonight
and tell myself a daybreak story
      to shine my rising spirit bright

      TITLE:  A good day awaits
      DATE: 2009 Nov 19

I don't know about your devil, but sugar is the ♯ 1 weapon in my devil's bag of tricks.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 13

Instincts always outsmart brains.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 2

Friday is the spring fever of the week!

      TITLE:  Yippee ki yo Friday!
      DATE:  2009 Jan 16

A chef's two best friends are salt and praise.

      DATE: 2009 Jan 24

A yoga morning is a happy morning.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 21

If you absolutely can't stay positive, don't go negative — just cruise neutral for a while until you can get back up.

      TITLE:  Drift
      DATE:  2009 Nov 11
      NOTES:  revised

You're either changing your life or you're not. No waiting for this or that or better weather or other hurdles. Hurdles are the change.

      DATE:  2009 Nov 13

If spring betrays summer, would autumn never arrive?

      DATE:  2009 Oct 2

After all these years I've finally pegged my writing style — simple, soulful, silly.

      TITLE:  Ink marrow
      DATE:  2009 Apr 10

writing poetry is inviting your brain to dance in the rain —
no slicker! no umbrella! just naked words and a rhythmic soul

      TITLE:  Exposed
      DATE:  2009 Jan 3
      NOTES:  revised

X-rays amuse God:  all the things he can see that a machine can't.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 3

A lie is just the truth waiting to be itself.

      DATE: 2009 Jan 11

When the angel wings of idealism break, may you land safely on your feet.

      TITLE:  Age fall
      DATE:  2009 Sep 4

glowing ghost-clouds
lit by a haunted moon

      DATE:  2009 Jan 11

The best writers always make poetry, whether it comes out prose or verse.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 20

Coffee makes me invincible. But when the cup is empty, I return to mere mortal.

      TITLE:  Morning armor
      DATE:  2009 Jan 23

Vampire:  a toothy phlebotomist.

      DATE:  2009 Mar 19

Springtime flowers bloom like colorful arrows piercing their way to the sun.

      DATE: 2009 Mar 22

Winter vanishes without a trace—
the other seasons leave evidence.

      DATE:  2009 Mar 20

Life can be hard, but if you've got somebody to love — Yay!

      TITLE:  Hard life, good life
      DATE:  2009 Sep 16
      NOTES:  revised

The love that makes you feel light as a feather is the love that makes your heart feel heaviest when it goes.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 11

Grass of Walt
D!@% of Moby
Boz gets Lit
Bard's the $h¡t

      TITLE:  Classics declassified
      DATE:  2009 Dec 4

Body and flesh —
machinery beyond machine
      soul embowered
      heart tick-tock
      mind, the student and master
a break is to break free
not to break down
      embracing self
      the duty of health
chance and second chances
beauty and mechanics
frailty and primal gears
      courage laced with fears
      laughter spiked with tears
dancing molecules
galloping years —

      TITLE:  Machinery beyond machine
      DATE:  2009 Mar 5
      NOTES:  revised

Coffee — the pleasing nectar of Goddess Morning.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 9

Time catalogues heartbreak as love poetry.

      DATE:  2009 Jan 20

Each negative experience hardens us a little more to life. Some of us are tough as concrete. But try to leave yourself a few cracks, so that love and flowers can grow through.

      DATE:  2009 May 2
      NOTES:  revised

Happiness breathes when you do.

      TITLE:  Deep exhale, content…
      DATE:  2009 Mar 4

A smile vanquishes loneliness, if only for a fleeting moment.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 12

If we gaze at the clouds, then close our eyes for a few minutes, then re-open them and the clouds are different, we don't freak out about it. So why do we worry when things shift and change in our lives? New day, new sky, every moment too.

      DATE:  2009 Sep 10

Fresh petals of grief will eventually wilt and fall away
And along with tears and love, memories and time
They will nourish the seeds of healing underneath —
Life will re-flower as acceptance, strength, and peace

      DATE:  2009 Oct 3

September flits through the year
on golden autumnal wings —
it lands on the leaves of October
which wilt and drift into winter —

      DATE:  2009 Sep 7

Summer breeze, light fluffy clouds… Mother Nature has a canvas for every season.

      TITLE:  Summer canvas
      DATE:  2009 Jun 20

...gorgeous bright blue sky with some cloudacious beautiness on the fringe...

      TITLE:  Dormer
      DATE:  2009 Sep 8

Life is one long experiment in learning. Who can be perfect all the time? Sometimes I feel half-wise, sometimes half-stupid.

      TITLE:  Split infinity
      DATE:  2009 Jun 21

Reach up (to accept blessings)
Bend down (to respect humbly)
Reach out (to give freely)

      DATE:  2009 Jul 5

with arms outstretched i thank
with heart beating gratefully i love
with body in health i jump for joy
with spirit full I live

      DATE:  2009 Aug 19
      NOTES:  revised

To those who tilt our perspective on life in a way we've never seen before, we should be truly grateful.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 7

The traditional sacrifices for a writer are soul and sleep.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 3

The sun is shining, the stars are shining, YOU are shining.

      DATE:  2009 Nov 8

My mission is to remind people that they're happy.

      TITLE:  Why do we forget?
      DATE:  2009 Jul 23

Guilt is always hungry — don't let it consume you.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 26

The cool dark night yawns a mist over the moon.

      TITLE:  Luna veiled
      DATE:  2009 Oct 3

A wolf howls his soul into the misty night. The moon answers with glowing silence.

      TITLE:  Listen to the night
      DATE:  2009 Oct 3
      NOTES:  revised

He was the only one who had ever been able to calm her wild and fevered soul.

      TITLE:  Tonic
      DATE:  2009 Jan 19

Everyone has that one thing that's totally illogical, which if you really want to love that person, you've just got to accept.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 21

I vow to you for eternity an infinity of kisses.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 24

The past is behind us — love is in front and all around us.

      TITLE:  Hope ahead
      DATE:  2009 May 1

Love is just another mythology.

      DATE:  2009 Oct 3

If you're not in love with life — try crayons, skipping, or puddle-jumping, and see if your viewpoint doesn't change, at least for that moment.

      DATE:  2009 Dec 3

Frights and chills
Spooky thrills
Candy and nuts
Seedy pumpkin guts
Tricking for treats
Treasure bag of sweets

A floating apparition
Imaginative night vision
Zombie, werewolf, vampire
Witches' cauldrons lit afire
Creepy ghost and spectre
Hooded reaper—soul collector

      TITLE:  Halloween night
      DATE:  2009 Oct 31

Under every full moon are lovers in love, and under every bright sun two friends smile as one.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 6

Smile with your lips, smile with your eyes, smile with your heart and your soul and your life.

      DATE:  2009 Jul 12

drinking hot sepia coffee
in a wisteria flowered mug
dandelion sunshine spilling
through the periwinkle sky

      TITLE:  Morning's colors
      DATE:  2009 Jul 29
      NOTES:  revised

Winter allows us to wrap up in the comforting scarf of healing, but we must slow down to allow its magic.

      TITLE:  The warmth & stillness
      DATE:  2009 Nov 26

Clouds or no clouds, life is grand — be grateful for all the varieties of weather in your life.

      DATE:  2009 Aug 26

Don't borrow my love if you're not going to give it back.

      DATE:  2009 Aug 29

The best substitute for coffee is a good night's sleep.

      TITLE:  Recovering in bed
      DATE:  2009 Nov 26

...a maze of love with all dead ends...

      DATE:  2009 Dec 22

New blessings and old, frequent blessings and those once in a blue moon, appreciate them all.

      DATE:  2009 Dec 31

For worms, is soil just another day at the office?

      DATE:  2009 Mar 30

tumbling and playing, young and free
      moving targets we were —
but Cupid's arrow is heat-seeking
      and found, and pierced —

      DATE:  2009 Apr 4
      NOTES:  revised

Romance is a tasty poison.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 9
      NOTES:  later stumbled upon "Amor es un sabroso veneno"

It was a beautiful romance blighted by reality.

      TITLE:  Weak armor
      DATE:  2009 Sep 11

When I tear myself away from the computer I find nothing but beauty, love, relaxation — so why do I have so hard a time tearing myself away?

      TITLE:  Screen-free moment
      DATE:  2009 Jun 18

Somehow a different and new woman always emerges from the shower, than the one who went in.

      DATE:  2009 Jun 13

You don't need a camera all the time — the soul, heart, eyes, spirit, and all your other senses capture moments beautifully too.

      DATE:  2009 Sep 11

Night speaks a language of shadows and soul.  3 AM is poetry translatable only by the moon and stars.

      TITLE:  3 a.m. poetry
      DATE:  2009 Dec 9
      NOTES:  revised

nourish the nighttime healing fairies
with gratitude and faith and sleep

      DATE:  2009 Aug 18
      NOTES:  revised

essays are vegetables
in the garden of literature
fairy tales the orchard fruit
poetry — the flowers

      TITLE:  Reading in the garden
      DATE:  2009 Mar 6

I like ice cream
with silly swirls
hot fudge hope
cherries of happiness
whipped cream dreams—
and eating it with
friends who are nuts!

      TITLE:  Spoonfuls of melting life
      DATE:  2009 Jan 28
      NOTES:  revised

Ice cream is happiness on a cone, with sprinkles.

      DATE:  2009 Feb 14

food, family, friends
festivity, feasting, football
gratitude, green beans, gravy
prayers, potatoes, pumpkin pie
cornbread, cranberries, coffee
coming together, celebration
love, laughter, let's eat!

      TITLE:  Thanksgiving Day
      DATE:  2009 Nov 26

Spontaneity is good. Routine is good. Conflicting goodness? No. Balance is life.

      TITLE:  Balancing act
      DATE:  2009 Nov 14

a March day —
listen to echoes
from the moans
of winter winds

      DATE:  2009 Mar 7

i dawdle and crawl from the comfy night
plunking and thunking myself into morning
then rouse and rise to coffee — my prize!

      TITLE:  Morning goals in a mug
      DATE:  2009 Feb 28

Coffee fills my belly with morning rainbows of calmness and joy.

      DATE:  2009 May 9

seed, sprout, bud
bloom, flower
bide, wilt, decay
disappear — seed

      TITLE:  Tempus hortulanus
      DATE:  2009 Apr 11
      NOTES:  revised

I seek the counsel of your heartbeat
and the calm song of your voice
your warm breath and the security
of your gentle touch — my soul rests
quietly and peacefully in your arms.

      TITLE:  Serenity found
      DATE:  2009 Apr 19

A poet is an insomniac
and always writes best
by the light of a midnight candle.

      TITLE:  Flickering
      DATE:  2009 Jan 3

My debt to you is countless caressing kisses.

      DATE:  2009 Apr 24

Sun gladdens warmth
Snow happies cold
Rain joys wet
Wind elates air
Moon calms night
Clouds giddy sky

      TITLE:  Nature's busy-doing
      DATE:  2009 Feb 14

springlife ☆ summerwarm ☆ autumncalm ☆ winterwhite

      TITLE:  For Seasons
      DATE:  2009 Mar 9

lovesmile, passionkiss
soulhug, sexywink
friendlaugh, prayerknees

spiritbreeze, glowcloud
wildrain, skypoem
peacesnow, boomthunder

lifegarden, teacalm
rainbowsoul, courageheart
selfsong, angelfriend

fairydream, hopeblossom
joyjump, faithbreath
bellygiggle, nowliving

      TITLE:  Goodlife
      DATE:  2009 Jan 10

darn fleeting thoughts… come back!

      DATE:  2009 Nov 16

Quoter's curiosity is a disease whose only cure is more reading.

      TITLE:  Please quote responsibly
      SOURCE:  The Quote Garden FAQ, blog post
      DATE:  2009 May 13
      NOTES:  revised

Life is just a way to distract us from life until we die.

      TITLE:  The business of busy
      DATE:  2009 Sep 25

cherry-summer cloud-happy
heart blossoms overgrowing
my sunlit soul — bursting
into nature's freedom!

      TITLE:  Summer giddy
      DATE:  2009 Jul 4
      NOTES:  revised

Tonight I will be going to bed under a summer moon and waking up tomorrow morning to an autumn sunrise.

      DATE:  2009 Aug 6

S  in Saturday is for smile, spirit, stupendous, sleep in, sunny, skipping, singing, shining, silly over serious, serene over stress.

      DATE:  2009 Aug 8

My dream birthday cake — a huge chocolate-covered peppermint patty, maraschino cherry candles, and edible confetti atop whipped cream, with mint chocolate chip ice cream and a mug of steaming hot black coffee!

      TITLE:  A birthday happy
      DATE:  2009 Jun 22

When I was sick, my mom would make toast. And she would always put on a little too much butter, and too much jam. And I don't like too much jam. But it always tasted like love. And it was always the best toast I'd ever had. And it always made me feel better.

      TITLE:  Bread, butter, & love
      SOURCE:  Mother's Day blog post
      DATE:  2009 May 10
      NOTES:  revised

Living life this weekend swinging from the branches of the family tree.

      DATE:  2009 Dec 6

Poetry should never hurt. It may stab you with poetic pangs of melancholy but shouldn't ever hurt as life does.

      DATE:  2009 Feb 8

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