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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2012

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2012 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired. It includes content written as filler for The Quote Garden as well as my personal journals and writings. —tg, 2023

On the days I've had too much coffee, my writing style turns to overcaffeinated spiritual warrior.

      TITLE:  Kiai!
      DATE:  2012 Jan 6

Fear is advance panic of unexpected life.

      DATE:  2012 Jan 7

This smile isn't a lack of pain. It's a victory gesture of not letting pain defeat me.

      TITLE:  Battle
      DATE:  2012 Jan 14

A moderate adventure is no adventure.

      DATE:  2012 Jan 17

My dream job is glitter farmer.

      DATE:  2012 Feb 12

An elegant poet I am not —
I write poetry as a man slips on a banana peel.
But fate must call on mediocrity as well as genius,
And fruit as well as nuts.

      TITLE:  Delusions? none
      DATE:  2012 Mar 8

human life is so
complex but should be much much
much much much simpler

      TITLE:  It's too much!
      DATE:  2012 Mar 8
      STATUS:  senryu

Under the giving snow blossoms a daring spring.

      TITLE:  Imperceptible
      DATE:  2012 Mar 9

verses of veggies
poems of fruit
dotted with seeds
raw green rhymes
in melodious bodies

      DATE:  2012 Mar 9

Whichever of you weather gods is in charge of rain, please, why do you torture us day after day with neverending clear blue skies?

      DATE:  2012 Mar 10
      LOCATION:  PҺoenᎥᶍ  ArᎥɀønα

If your storm has lightning and rainbows —
Be glad, be glad.

      DATE:  2012 Mar 18

Love is a river of risk that ends in an ocean of security.

      DATE:  2012 Mar 29

Healing from grief is allowing the courage and purpose within you and the love someone else left you, to merge and create a new sense of being.

      DATE:  2012 Mar 31

Grief is processing what's been taken from you, what's still within you, and all the blessings and memories left behind by the one you're grieving.

      DATE:  2012 Mar 31

Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.

      TITLE:  Connections
      DATE:  2012 Apr 6

Grief is historian of the heart.

      DATE:  2012 Apr 11

Beer is liquid frivolity
Wine, scarlet truth

      DATE:  2012 Apr 19


      TITLE:  Poem of the April Palo Verde
      DATE:  2012 Apr 26
      LOCATION:  PҺoenᎥᶍ  ArᎥɀønα


It doesn't really matter what the reason is that you're childless — if it hurts, it hurts.

      TITLE:  Barren thoughts
      DATE:  2012 Apr 29

Women blossom and re-blossom throughout their lives, thus in age making a beautifully garden'd reminiscence of many kinds of flowers.

      TITLE:  Tending
      DATE:  2012 May 8
      AGE:  thirty-eight

A lumberjack's best friend is a good lager.

      DATE:  2012 Jun 1

A signature is the shape of our personality, our nameprint, our soulmark in ink.

      DATE:  2012 Jun 3

birds chirping midsummer happiness —
apricot-juiced beaks, warm repose
perhaps dreams of autumn on their wings

      DATE:  2012 Jun 20

Stories live in typewriters. Try a different typewriter — you may get a different story.

      DATE:  2012 Jun 22

I use wine as a bottle opener to poetry.

      TITLE:  Uncorking inner verse
      DATE:  2012 Jun 27

If you let go of the things you're addicted to, your pains will let go of you.

      DATE:  2012 Jul 7

After an unusually plain-empty-sky spring and early summer, it is finally monsoon season — or as I call it:  cloud season. Yippee!

      DATE:  2012 Jul 8
      LOCATION:  PҺoenᎥᶍ  ArᎥɀønα

Smile with your lips, smile with your eyes, smile with your heart and your soul and your life.

      DATE:  2012 Jul 9

Life is so much clearer under the stars than under a roof.

      DATE:  2012 Oct 15

Some say that I'm too damn cheerful. They assume I haven't been knocked around enough in life. Well, I have had many blessings. But if those people only knew the struggles I've had too:  sharp, excruciating, gnawing, vicious; external, internal; brutally quick and achingly ongoing; lightning strikes and hammer blows, tripping falls face-to-ground. If only they knew the many forms of pain I've endured. If only they would realize that most people endure lots of painful struggle in their private lives, even if they never show it.

But despite that and despite them, I say:  Why nurture the negative? With each adversity and graying year comes a brighter, giddier laugh and a more sincere, deeper smile. My heart gets both weaker and stronger with each blow, and every knockout convinces me that I don't want to spend any more time, not even mere seconds, being miserable or resentful or smeared with the filth of the past. I wash myself clean each morning and try to brave the new day.

I'm not going to let hard times steal my happiness — not while there are still beautiful skies and green trees and good people left in the world. If I were to give away my contentment to hardships — if any of us did — we would be giving away that which remains and makes life worth living. So, I'll take whatever I can get in lessons and give whatever I can in smiles. And yes, I hug and I love! — these are my comforts amongst the ills of life, not my cheerfulness because I have no ills.

      TITLE:  Kicked happy, fallen grateful
      DATE:  2012 Nov 5
      AGE:  thirty-nine
      NOTES:  revised

Resist winter as you will — the cold will come.

      DATE:  2012 Nov 17

last night's songful winter breezes
scattered autumn's yellow leaves
onto this morning's frosted earth

      DATE:  2012 Dec 11

Halfway in — this loveliness called Winter, so soon — and halfway out, already.

      TITLE:  Midwinter's day
      DATE:  2012 Dec 21

There's no reason Grief and Hope can't be friends.

      DATE:  2012 Dec 25

Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2012

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