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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2017

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2017 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired.  It includes content written for The Quote Garden as well as personal journals and writings.  —tg, 2023

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vibrant verdure lights
the springtime landscape
in blazingly brilliant greens
a fresh flourishing canvas
for parti-colored sparks
of wildly blooming things

      TITLE:  Spring blazes color
      DATE:  2017 May 5

Dawn-giddy birds sing as if every morning is a special occasion. Wise, wise birds.

      DATE:  2017 Aug 5
      NOTES:  revised

No volume of history is insignificant, even the worst chapters. Especially the worst chapters.

      TITLE:  Scoresheet
      DATE:  2017 Aug 15

The best faith is not the stagnant, same-every-day, sit-still faith but the faith that dances and sways with life.

      DATE:  2017 Oct 11

To kill words with fear,
It's a dreadful thing.

      TITLE:  Censorship: What the D!ck@%$?
      SOURCE:  found poetry
      BOOK:  Charles Dickens, The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, 1848
      DATE:  2017 Dec 28

Aging is an exponential clock — ticking in runaway years.

      DATE:  2017 Aug 25

Dreams grow wild in the daydreamer's soul.

      TITLE:  Wildreams
      DATE:  2017 Mar 4

Time more than flies. It tramples. It loots. It mugs.

      DATE:  2017 Mar 2

the vibrant green-yellow-pink blossom-life of spring
the watery-blue radiant sunshine-breath of summer
the metallic-earth-toned glowing-decay of autumn
the grey-white holly-festive slow-motion of winter

      TITLE:  Seamless
      DATE:  2017 Mar 19

Failure is not frailty.
Success never guarantees.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 7

I know intelligent design doesn't exist because whoever gave wings to sewer roaches wasn't very bright.

      DATE:  2017 Jan 31

A mother's kiss lovingly forgives the past, present, and future.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 25

May you lose a lot that matters to you
      a few times in your life—

May you make and remake and
      remake yourself over and again
      and burn yourself right down
      to ashen smoking embers
      of bone and grit and soul—

So that you may always know
      the pain of rock bottom
      the freedom of rebirth
      the hope of revival
      the gift of perspective
      the awareness of your strength—

May you lose but live again.

      TITLE:  May  you
      DATE:  2017 Jul 27
      NOTES:  revised

I've been saving books for all these years, and they've been saving me for my entire life.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 27

In writing, you either stick with it and keep revising until it's done, no matter how long it takes — or set it aside a few years until you've distanced yourself enough to get it right. The wait is just as excruciating as the work.

      DATE:  2017 Aug 5
      COMMENT:  (grimaces)  at least ⅞ of my work is still in waiting mode

a seed, conceive
to sprout, we're born
a leafy green new life
trunk and roots, further sunk
nourished, loved, great height
full, vibrant, ripe
moulting, colours, beauty
the crown of wit
autumnal slant of light
mellow, wilt, decay
bare branches, skeleton buds
frost without a fight
repose, accept, goodbye

      TITLE:  Springfall
      DATE:  2017 Mar 20

Touchscreen books — not the same as touching books.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 7

I spend the nights awake searching my soul and my days half-asleep chasing dreams in the wind.

      DATE:  2017 Mar 4

In a hospital
it’s difficult to listen
to sad, scary sounds
      “code blue” on intercoms
      wailing, grieving families
      beep-beep-beep of machines —
But if you listen
more carefully
you can hear
      the sound of hope
      of healing, love, and support
      caring, confident voices
      of nurses and doctors and staff
      the din and melodies of
      our imperfect and indispensable
      healthcare plexus at work

      TITLE:  In a hospital
      DATE:  2017 May 13
      LOCATION:  John C Lincoln, PҺoenᎥx Aɀ

smoldering ashes — dead fire,
or a phoenix's glittering dreams?

      TITLE:  Vision
      DATE:  2017 Jul 28
      NOTES:  revised

Health is a journal your body keeps about you.

      DATE:  2017 Nov 1

Don't spend too much of your life avoiding the sharp edges of shattered dreams.

      DATE:  2017 Oct 20

Wisdom is expensive — paid in life and years.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 29

What are flowers without the bees,
What of grasses without the breeze?
Nothing the wind if not for the trees,
Nada la quesadilla sin el cheese.

      TITLE:  O! queso what?
      DATE:  2017 Sep 27

I am sick
of your vomit-talk
you regurgitate my words
back to me
without an original thought
are you a person
or a robot
sent to tear out my heart?
For years I feared
savage heartbreak
but finally I see
you are capable only
of boring me to death.

      TITLE:  No friend to me
      DATE:  2017 Jul 25

Autumn:  the beginning of color-changing goodbyes but first, weeks of intensely-lit and grateful full-harvest hellos. Letting go, gathering in.

      DATE:  2017 Aug 7

They try to burn the devil out from books, but angels of knowledge resist the flames of fear.

° ° °

Don't burn books — let them set young minds on fire.

° ° °

What's in the raging flame
of banned books burning?
Knowledge, truth, learning;
courage, freedom, yearning.

° ° °

Clutch some hope from fear — read banned books.

° ° °

Books that get burned are written by authors whose souls are on fire with passion or knowledge.

° ° °

Books light the world — to burn them extinguishes the flame.

° ° °

Let knowledge live. Burn your fears instead.

° ° °

      DATE:  2017 Apr 6

Library fines are my favorite charitable donation.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 7

If you haven't owed a library fine at least once in your life, you're not a real reader.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 7

We want it to stay, but autumn always leaves. Beautifully.

      DATE:  2017 Nov 9

a sea of artificial lights
has extinguished the stars
and drowned the nights

      DATE:  2017 Apr 22

the lights of a distant city
seem star-like and pretty
but move closer into sight
they engulf the whole night

      DATE:  2017 Apr 22

Under the stars, the world is a different place.

      SOURCE:  journal
      DATE:  2017 Apr 23
      LOCATION:  Flαgstαᶂᶂ, ArᎥɀønα

Dreams are foreign lands within the bounds of our own minds.

      TITLE:  Mid-night journeys
      DATE:  2017 Aug 26

Hear ye, intruders! Beware of guard dreams.

      DATE:  2017 Oct 14

morning breaks the mystery of night
with her delicately blazing pastel light

      DATE:  2017 Aug 19

Young women are lively, colorful flowers swaying carefree in the breeze. Mature women are part of the vital, nourishing landscape from which other beautiful flowers grow.

      TITLE:  Early autumn light
      DATE:  2017 Jul 29
      AGE:  forty-three

Be cautious what tales you tell yourself — you're writing your own autobiography.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 29

For insomniacs, night steals the morning.

      TITLE:  Night heist
      DATE:  2017 Aug 11

An artist makes visual the rhythms and arrhythmias of the universe.

      DATE:  2017 Aug 25

Weekend — the frosting on the cupcake of the week.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 10

If Monday is a mosquito and Wednesday is a camel, then Friday is a unicorn!

      DATE:  2017 Jul 24
      RE:  “If Monday were an animal, it would be a mosquito.” –Keith Wynn

sadness is dark stardust
in shadows of melancholy
waiting, waiting to glitter
in the light of happiness

      DATE:  2017 Jul 27

Timeless literature keeps infinitely expanding...

      TITLE:  Universal
      DATE:  2017 Sep 4

Essential supplies for a writer—
a cherished beat-up typewriter
a favorite well-maintained pen

      DATE:  2017 Jul 28
      NOTES:  revised

pink roses and glittering gold
barbed wire, withering vines
green hummingbirds, lark nests
avalanches and earthquakes —
Yep, life is like that.

      TITLE:  Warmth at winter sunrise
      DATE:  2017 Jan 5

Specks of universe in my soul,
flurries of God in my head.
Heart ticks away, doing its job—
whispering poetry all the while.
Enlightenment flickers subtly
from old gray half-burnt wicks.

      DATE:  2017 Apr 19

Sometimes you need to spend time in an empty desert to discover how full your soul is.

      TITLE:  Hike
      DATE:  2017 Sep 30

A scream into the desert returns the echo of your own soul.

      DATE:  2017 Sep 30

Is God just an algorithm?
      Is love?
      Are we?

      DATE:  2017 Sep 30

The throat thinks of more than just thirst.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 26

Love is in my bones —
it’s in my buds and blooms
in my rapturous-red blood —
Lust is in my perfum’d flesh
desire-poems in my skull —

How many kisses have I
in my primal fervent lips —
As many as hours that swirl
in a blind & wild eternity —

      TITLE:  Infinitas per æternitas
      DATE:  2017 Feb 23
      NOTES:  revised

Life is enhanced by the light of souls and other assorted stars.

      TITLE:  All the time
      DATE:  2017 Jul 29

The present is filled with the ghosts of many dreams — the future with dreams not yet born.

      DATE:  2017 Oct 20

Square clocks and round clocks, everywhere
When they tumble, they thud
When they roll, they roll fast…

      DATE:  2017 Dec 1

She dreamt of fairydust pardons and punishment in lashings of chocolate.

      DATE:  2017 Jul 27

my dreams pound wild
like drenching rain;
they rebound & steam,
cold rain on hot streets;
their mists create rainbows
fused with passion's sun

      DATE:  2017 Oct 20
      NOTES:  revised

awareness, audacity, awe
authenticity, acumen, angels
coffee, curiosity, cats
dreams, decision, desire, direction, devils
erasers, endurance, experiments
fearlessness, flexibility
grit, guts, goals
honesty, hyperbole, hunger
ink, ingenuity, insanity, insomnia, insecurity
intention, intellect, insight, intuition
purpose, pain, passion, perspective, personality
rawness, reverie, reference
soul, style, spunk, solitude, silence
substance, stubbornness, struggle, sweat
sagacity, sense, skepticism
typewriter, tea, time
wit, wisdom, what-ifs
wistfulness, window, wings

      TITLE:  Writer tools
      DATE:  2017 Jul 28

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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2017

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