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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2018

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2018 — the good, the bad, the active and the retired. It includes content written as filler for The Quote Garden as well as my personal journals and writings. —tg, 2023

October breathed poetry —
beautiful and glowing

      TITLE:  Tenth verse
      SOURCE:  blackout poetry
      DATE:  2018 Jan 14
      NOTES:  Octave Mirbeau, The Diary of a Chambermaid, 1891–1900

Tea in bed? Come on.
Good heavens! ridiculous,
What the dickens?!

      TITLE:  Tea in Bed
      SOURCE:  blackout poetry
      DATE:  2018 Jan 17
      NOTES:  Charles Dickens, letter to John Forster, 1842

Who traipsed over
the typewriter keys
and left wordprints
in black & red ribbon?

      TITLE:  Fugue
      DATE:  2018 Mar 21
      NOTES:  revised

Life is there somewhere, under all the weeds and love.

      TITLE:  Lost & found
      DATE:  2018 Mar 26

I don't party at night with alcohol. I party hard in the morning with coffee and oatmeal.

      TITLE:  Morning lover
      DATE:  2018 May 11

If life throws stones at you, crush them and throw back glitter.

      TITLE:  Shields & grit
      DATE:  2018 May 13

i vomit confusion & butterflies 
i sweat fear and i bleed dread 
i fall deaf from society's lies 
i gag on metallic tastes of pain 
i run from the reek of regret 
i save my minutes & lose my hours 
i dance on the minefield of mind 
i freeze my worries for later 
i breathe a reverie'd ether of beauty 
i drown in fantasy too deep 
i love on the edges of souls 
i sleep on the shores of night 
i glow at the sight of each morning 
i delight in the sunshine of pleasure 
i plant my seeds in thankfulness 
i get high on nature's magnificence 
i stare in reverence at trees 
i cherish each blissful breeze 
i open every window i can 
i invite every light to play 
i adore every cloud in the sky 
i welcome each raindrop & tear 
i memorize every flower's aura 
i read old books & withering leaves 
i paint myself with colors of truth 
i polish the bright side's halo 
i chase angels & occasionally devils 
i pray from within & without 
i armor myself with art 
i question my body and listen 
i dream my heart's inside-out 
i work until i'm exhausted 
i let go of some things & not others 
i giggle breathlessly 'til i cry 
i hug without asking why 
i nourish my spirit with poetry 
i cover my journals with ink 
i drink my wisdom from teacups 
i inhale wild mists of wonder 
i hem my madness with sanity 
i tick, i zig, i zag, and i tock 
i err on the side of risk 
i ride wayward shooting stars 
i flow with the river of time 

      TITLE:  Forty-four
      DATE:  2018 May 18

Optimists polish the bright side's halo.

      DATE:  2018 May 18

Giggle until you cry
Hug without asking why

      DATE:  2018 May 18

Afternoon is closing
The wind picks up
Late shade darkens and stretches to scary lengths
Soaring predators with monstrous shadows look for daylight's last meals
Try, fly — try, fly — try, fly!

      TITLE:  To a baby hummingbird with injured wing
      DATE:  2018 May 26

We all have those moments in our lives that transform us — something small or big happens and we’re never the same.

Sometimes we remember these moments in our personal histories as leaps, or falls — or just serendipitous wanderings — from one life segment to the next.

Or we mark them like stars on a map of self — constellations of life-changing moments. Some seem crazy small and wouldn’t even register as stars in others’ systems. But in our own they blaze bright.

Or maybe our days are raindrops and our lives rolling clouds and these moments are lightning strikes. Raindrop days, lightning-strike moments.

These maps and moments imprint our souls, our minds, our memorious hearts. Our stories of self are made from them.

      TITLE:  Raindrop days, lightning moments
      DATE:  2018 May 28

G R i E F —
i feel so tiny inside

      DATE:  2018 May 29

Night is filled with our loudest fears and a silent courage.

      TITLE:  Awake & alone
      DATE:  2018 Jun 7

Any good day can be turned into an even better day with a Johnny Depp movie.

      TITLE:  Chocolate, tea, and the sea
      DATE:  2018 Jun 10

With fruity-fingered arms, I hug the sky.

      TITLE:  Summer saguaro
      DATE:  2018 Jun 23
      LOCATION:  PҺoenᎥᶍ  ArᎥɀønα

Some torture Fate beyond recognition rather than let him have his way.

      TITLE:  Know when
      DATE:  2018 Jul 1

massive rolling waves
of white-gray clouds
chase the warm afternoon
across a deep blue sky

      DATE:  2018 Jul 1
      NOTES:  revised

my veins are lined
with a velvet hope

my soul is electric
and lights with dreams

my mind is infinite
and buzzes with wonder

my heart is beyond alive
and gushes boundless love

my body is fragile
yet heals as if magic

my will is strong
and dances with courage

      TITLE:  I'm positive!
      DATE:  2018 Jul 4
      NOTES:  revised

Man, with his metal beaver-teeth
chops down the world’s trees
saws, whines, grinds — loudly
without a care but human “needs”

      TITLE:  I am guilty too
      DATE:  2018 Jul 6

There are more ghosts in an unwell body than in an entire haunted mansion.

      TITLE:  Haunted
      DATE:  2018 Aug 9

A headstone is just a bookmark in our unfinished lives.

      TITLE:  Middle
      DATE:  2018 Aug 18

Solitude and age —
Social? Too lazy, sorry.

      TITLE:  The hermiting of middle age
      SOURCE:  blackout poetry
      DATE:  2018 Sep 10
      NOTES:  Danielle Steel, Fairy Tale, 2017

at night her age landed hard
like the fall of wasted time

      TITLE:  Midlife nights
      SOURCE:  blackout poetry
      DATE:  2018 Sep 10
      NOTES:  Danielle Steel, Fairy Tale, 2017

When you're shivering with loss, let love keep you warm with memories.

      TITLE:  Cold is relative
      DATE:  2018 Oct 21

The hard journalism that covers greed and violence and malevolence — we would almost expect the ink to glimmer red, as does the spilt blood of mankind — but there it is, always staring back at us in cold, fact-black.

      TITLE:  They risk their lives for truth
      DATE:  2018 Oct 21

Morning isn't just the sun coming up anew over the horizon — you are, too.

      TITLE:  Arise
      DATE:  2018 Oct 24

Keep playing, young one — 
      keep playing 
Keep playing, mother — 
      keep playing 
Keep playing, grandmother — 
      keep playing 
Keep playing, white-haired youth-at-heart — 
      skip off into death 
      with a giggling heart. 

      DATE:  2018 Dec 1

the human journey:
to change so much
you end up right
where you began

      DATE:  2018 Dec 8

Tea is good while reading dusty books. Coffee pairs well with shiny things and the real world.

      TITLE:  Upside the head
      DATE:  2018 Dec 23

Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2018

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