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Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2024

This is the archive of my publicly published writing from 2024. —tg

i can muster up
some pretty good
grace & elegance
if need be — but
when it comes to
chocolate, crayons
or playful animals
i always become a
bumbling giggling
messy little girl —

      DATE:  2024 Jan 2

I used to love leaves changing
falling off the trees, being blown away
to wherever leaves go — but now
after fifty gorgeous autumns and winters
in anthropomorphized fears I wonder:

What if they don’t come back?
what if they’re not strong enough
or reborn or determined enough
what if the tree has just had enough
of storms and harsh seasons
and it’s ready to leave things be
comfortable now baring itself always
without even bothering anymore
maybe it’s too tired to keep blooming
or perhaps green suddenly annoys it
the burgeoning whippersnappers
flaunting verdant youth and beauty—

Well all I know is that you can’t let go
if you keep holding on, and I love you
trees and leaves, for showing me how.

      TITLE:  Changing
      DATE:  2024 Jan 4

i don't care how rough a day i had
when i see the golden hour sunset
painting the trees with happy light
and feel a cool breeze on my face—
all is suddenly and magically reset
heart and mind cleared of burdens
so the gratitude has a place to be

      TITLE:  Golden moments
      DATE:  2024 Jan 12

as inevitable as
aging and taxes —
death is no longer
the surety it was

      TITLE:  Forever…
      DATE:  2024 Jan 20

Terri Guillemets
Archives — 2024

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