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Welcome! My name is Terri, from Arizona. I have had my nose in books since 1976. The Quote Garden is my personal compilation of quotations that I’ve been collecting obsessively for 38 years. There are literary, inspirational, humorous, thought-provoking, and poetic quotes. I especially love old books, and so, many quotations are from the Romantic, Victorian, and Transcendental writings of the 1800s and Modernist of the early 1900s. But there are plenty of contemporary quotes too, as well as a rather heavy dose of snark in the editorial comments.

At 30,000 quotations, I’ve still yet to finish placing my entire collection online. There are old quote-scribbled scraps of paper, torn-edged articles, and dog-eared books scattered all over which I will eventually get around to posting. My work on this website can be summed up by the Dave Barry quote: “There is a very fine line between ‘hobby’ and ‘mental illness.’” I think I may have long ago blurred, crossed, and obliterated that line.  Terri

Who Is Terri Guillemets?

Terri GuillemetsTerri Guillemets is the pen name of quotation anthologist Terri A. Woodhull (b. 1973) from Phoenix, Arizona. Since childhood she has spent most of her free time reading books, journaling, and collecting quotations. In 1998 her hobbies gained a worldwide audience when she created The Quote Garden website, This large, unique compilation is one of the most long-standing online quotation collections and the first to feature a wide variety of special occasion topics. With a particular interest in antique books, her specialty is reviving abandoned literature from previous centuries. When she isn’t working or burying her nose in a book, she is very likely to be cloudgazing, out cherishing nature, or relaxing with family.

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“I cannot think of a more richly rewarding
and, at the same time, less lucrative occupation
than that of anthology making, and I am happy
to be a victim of this delightful disease.”

— Charles Lee, “Anthologitis,” 1940 —

Now that a great wish of my life has been fulfilled, and I can boast of a Garden Room of my own, a retreat where I can work, and scatter leaves, and thoughts, and flowers, at will, I have made up my mind to keep a Kalendar of my own, and write therein what comes to me with flowers, and song of birds, and treasures I find in books which fill shelves on the green walls. Old books, with musty covers, and time-worn pages. I like the words and expressions of “olden-day” writers...
        I have spent hours, days, weeks, in searching among books which are rare, and not easily read, so that to those who have not time, nor inclination to search for themselves, I may reveal hidden delights and buried joys... In my study I have learnt much; it is a labour of love, and ungrudgingly I give it to the world.
        —Helen Rose Anne Milman Crofton, My Kalendar of Country Delights, 1903

Shakespeare Source

Unless noted otherwise, William Shakespeare quotations are standardized on this site using William George Clark and William Aldis Wright’s 1860s Globe edition, from Grady Ward’s Moby Shakespeare, as published by Open Source Shakespeare,, by Eric M. Johnson and George Mason University, in the public domain. I acknowledge all these gentlemen with much gratitude.

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