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Quotations about Salads

The colors of a fresh garden salad are so extraordinary, no painter's pallet can duplicate nature's artistry. ~Dr. SunWolf, tweet, 2011,

Cole's Law:  Thinly sliced cabbage. ~Murphy's Law and other reasons why things go wrong!, Arthur Bloch, 1977  [Thanks,! —tg]

’Twas a good lady, ’twas a good lady: we may pick a
thousand salads ere we light on such another herb.
~William Shakespeare (1564–1616), All's Well That Ends Well, c.1602  [IV, 5, Lafeu]

Four persons are indispensable to the production of a good salad — a spendthrift for oil, a miser for vinegar, a counsellor for salt, and a madman to stir it all up. ~Spanish proverb

I don't think America will have really made it until we have our own salad dressing. Until then we're stuck behind the French, Italians, Russians, and Caesarians. ~Pat McNelis, unverified

One of the brightest club-women in America... wittily said: "In good society a woman is known, not by the company she keeps, but by the salads she serves." ~Tildesley & Co., Yacht Club salad dressing advertisement, 1912

The success or failure of any salad lies in the dressing. ~Tildesley & Co., Yacht Club salad dressing advertisement, 1912  [a little altered —tg]

To make this condiment, your poet begs
The pounded yellow of two hard-boiled eggs;
Let onion atoms lurk within the bowl,
And, half-suspected, animate the whole.
Four times the spoon with oil of Lucca crown,
And twice with vinegar procured from town;
Of mordant mustard add a single spoon,
(Distrust the condiment that bites so soon;)
But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault,
To add a double quantity of salt.
And, lastly, o'er the flavored compound toss
A magic-spoon of anchovy sauce.
Oh, green and glorious! Oh, herbaceous treat!...
~Sydney Smith (1771–1845), "Receipt for Dressing Salad"  [A little altered. "Receipt" is the old-timey word for "recipe." –tg]

The salad is the main dish. ~Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Eat To Live, 2003  [quoted from revised 2011 edition —tg]

Oh, I'm starving after that meal. Salad. I can't bear salad. It grows while you're eating it, you know. Have you noticed? You start one side of your plate and by the time you've bot to the other, there's a fresh crop of lettuce taken root and sprouted up. You have to start again. And it still doesn't fill you. You finish up exhausted and hungry. The only thing that keeps me going when I'm eating a salad is the hope that somebody might have thought it was my birthday and hidden something to eat under all the vegetation. But they never do. A sardine if you're lucky. ~Alan Ayckbourn, Living Together, 1975

A salad is not a meal. It is a style. ~Fran Lebowitz

Growing up, my mom made dinner every night. Usually this would be a large salad with kale, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, all organic of course, and sometimes she'd sprinkle nuts on top for texture. Kale has a metallic taste, like chewing on the hood of a Mercedes. No, something safer, like a Volvo. ~Jarod Kintz, Gosh, I probably shouldn't publish this, 2012

You don't win friends with salad! ~The Simpsons, "Lisa the Vegetarian," 1995, written by David S. Cohen & Dan Greaney  [S7, E5, Homer]

It's a bowl of weeds. ~The West Wing, "Life on Mars," 2003, written by Aaron Sorkin, et al.  [S4, E21, Toby Ziegler]

Knowledge consists of knowing that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom consists of not putting it in a fruit salad. ~Miles Kington (1941–2008)  [Thanks,! —tg]

My heart says chocolate and wine, but my jeans say "For the love of all that is good, eat a salad!" ~Internet meme, 2014

What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art. ~Homer Saint-Gaudens

A bit of cynicism does to conversation what garlic does to a salad. ~William Feather, The Business of Life, 1949

What was left was no more than that breath of garlic in a good salad... ~Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazarus Long, 1973

They say the more colorful your salad is, the better. So I swapped out my croutons for M&Ms. ~Author unknown, c. 2003

A salad bar is where people go to exchange germs. ~Robert Orben, 2400 Jokes to Brighten Your Speeches, 1984

Here I am eating a salad, which by the way, you can cover this thing with barbecue sauce and it would still taste like the ground. ~The West Wing, "Life on Mars," 2003, written by Aaron Sorkin, et al.  [S4, E21, Toby Ziegler]

We don't need a melting pot in this country, folks. We need a salad bowl. In a salad bowl, you put in the different things. You want the vegetables — the lettuce, the cucumbers, the onions, the green peppers — to maintain their identity. You appreciate differences. ~Jane Elliott, unverified

My salad days,
When I was green in judgment: cold in blood,
To say as I said then! But, come, away;
Get me ink and paper...
~William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, c. 1606  [I, 5, Cleopatra]

Excellent salads, according to parson Adams, are to be found in every field; we have garnered from the fertile fields of literature. Should any one be curious to know why we have ventured to select Salad, for the entertainment of the reader, we beg to premise that it has an undoubted preference over a rich ragout, fricassee, or any other celebrated product of culinary art, from the fact that it is suitable to all seasons, as well as all sorts of persons, being a delectable conglomerate of good things, — meats, vegetables, — acids and sweets, — oils, sauces, and other condiments too numerous to detail... ~Frederic Saunders, "A Word Preliminary," Salad for the Solitary (By an Epicure), 1854

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