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Quotations about Snorting Chocolate

After reading about the new trend of snorting chocolate — "cacao snuff" — I just had to search to see if there are any previous written references to this. Below is what I've found thus far. Mind you, these are not writers advocating the practice but simply using similar phrases and ideas which I found amusing. I am by no means telling you to snort anything! Please enjoy the quotes.  —ღ Terri

Just in time for World Chocolate Day — as if every day isn't Chocolate Day — word reaches the U.S. of one of Europe's latest trends:  snorting cacao powder. ~Robby Berman, "Welcome to Snorting Chocolate,", 2017

The coach and its contents had one more surprise in store for the clansmen. In one of the coach pockets, they found a brown substance which they thought was compressed snuff. I would not have liked to see their faces when they realised they were trying to snort chocolate, a substance they would have had no prior knowledge of. ~Hugh G. Allison, Culloden Tales: Stories from Scotland's Most Famous Battlefield, 2007

I'm addicted to chocolate. I snort cocoa. ~Quoted in Marta Dynel, Humorous Garden-Paths:  A Pragmatic-Cognitive Study, 2009

When I am King, New Year's Resolutions will finally be achievable. Here are some sample resolutions that I considered for myself this year, to illustrate the kinds of resolutions that I find most helpful... I resolve not to double my weight. I resolve to not stuff chocolate up my nose. (Actually, I have to admit that I failed on this one. But it seemed totally achievable at the time.) ~Chet Haase, When I am King…II: More Reasons to Put Me in Charge, 2012  [a little altered –tg]

It is a bit opaque whether the PEA in chocolate can make the long trip from tummy to brain before metabolising. Dissolving chocolate on the tongue or snorting cocoa powder are probably the best ways to bring this love drug to the brain. Tryptophan breaks down into serotonin which, when it surges in the brain as it does during sex, creates a blissed-out sense of well-being. ~Mark Douglas Hill, The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia:  A Compendium of Culinary Come-Ons, 2012

Van Beckhoven... in the cooking classes he teaches at his studio, he likes to challenge people. He asks them to snort cocoa... he dares people to taste mealworms and insects. ~Arnold Van Huis, Henk Van Gurp, and Marcel Dicke, The Insect Cookbook:  Food for a Sustainable Planet, 2012, translated by Françoise Takken-Kaminker and Diane Blumenfeld-Schaap, 2014  [a little altered –tg]

On my thirtieth batch of cupcakes today, I ended up in a wrestling match with a package of Dutch cocoa, and I think I have chocolate up my nose. ~Alyse Carlson, The Azalea Assault, 2012  [To which the reply was:  "Tasty. You need a beer to balance that?" –tg]

You will not complain, whine, or cry, or else I will be forced to tell you about the one time I stuck a piece of chocolate up my nose because I didn't want to be caught by my mummy sneaking it... ~Wendy Spinale, Umberland, 2017

Why in the world would you snort chocolate (along with energy drink ingredients) when you can just eat it? What's next? Sticking Hershey's kisses in your ear? ~Bruce Y. Lee, "Snorting Chocolate Is Now Apparently A Thing, But Why Would You Do It?," 2017  [Dr. Lee is Associate Professor of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Executive Director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center. –tg]

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