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Quotations about Pillow Fights

Welcome to my page of quotations about pillow fights. Whack! Smack! Laugh! –ღTerri

When our bed is made it’s covered in forty pillows like we’re stockpiling ammo for the global pillow fight. ~Jim Gaffigan, King Baby, 2009

Love is… when the only fights you have are pillow fights. ~Love is..., by Kim Grove Casali & Bill Asprey,, © Minikim Holland B.V.

Cloud-puffball, torn tufts, tossed pillows flaunt forth... ~Gerard Manley Hopkins, "That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection," 1888

Everybody says pillow fights are good for children but a bit wearing on the pillows. ~Helen Marvin, in Woman's Home Companion, 1928

The first rule of a pillow fight is, we don't talk about pillow fights. ~Brad Anderson, Marmaduke, 2017 August 2nd

The first rule of Pillow Fight Club? "Tell everyone." ~Pillow Fight Club (U.K.), quoted in "Everybody's pillow fighting,", 2007 March 14th

The best pillows for whacking are the big, fluffy sleeping kind... The best pillows for hurling are zipperless couch pillows. (Why do you think they call them throw pillows?)... Younger children love when you fall over dramatically after being hit. ~Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D. and Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., "Games: Raucous Pillow Fight," The Art of Roughhousing: Good Old-Fashioned Horseplay and Why Every Kid Needs It, 2010

A pillow fight and a good night's sleep had done wonders. ~Janis Mackay, Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission, 2011

He downed the shot and it hit him like a pillow fight. He felt gently bashed and full of wonder. ~Lisa Moore, Alligator, 2005

This would begin a pillow fight. Pillows flew back and forth. We flipped off beds, swayed, bobbed and rolled on the floor, giggling all the while... and watched the feathers dancing lightly in the air. ~Norma Panelli Halahan, Jagged Destinies, 2003

We both fell into relieved giggles. The laughs continued in tickling until we had worked into an all out pillow brawl. ~J.J.M. Czep, Trolls, 2014 [a little altered –tg]

From what I could tell by the giggling and banging, there was a pillow fight of epic proportion in progress. ~Gerrit Gorter, Facing the Current, 2005

Always jump in the puddles! Always skip alongside the flowers. Never turn down a good pillow fight. ~Terri Guillemets

I remembered that something I'd said struck her as so laughable that she had picked up a pillow and whacked me in the head with it, which in turn had led to a pillow fight... ~Richard Delgado, Justice At War, 2003

Two children, a little brother and his young sister, have put on their pyjamas embroidered with musical notes; they are having a pillow fight on the bed they share, their cheeks afire, and they are reeling under the avalanche of their own laughter. ~Gaétan Soucy, The Immaculate Conception, 1994, translated from French by Lazer Lederhendler, 2005

Showers of feathers bring the pillow fight to a suitable finish. The hour is 3 o'clock. Necessary repairs to face and hair are made, and a final gesture toward going to bed. School doesn't keep tomorrow, and there will be plenty of time to assemble scattered feathers after the hostess' mother has regaled club members with a late breakfast. ~"Life Goes to a Slumber Party" (Indianapolis club), Life, 1943 January 4th

The party reverberated on... Suddenly, the second-last stage in the purification was upon them all: the boarding-school dormitory pillow-brawl, the university college Walpurgis-night. The moment had arrived everyone had known would arrive — the first arm-chair cushion took the air. ~Hal Porter, "A Handful of Pennies," 1958

Your lips were tiny pink pillows,
and when we kissed it was like a pillow fight…
the kind you have when you feel completely comfortable
and belonging with another human soul.
~Kanaan, "Pillow Fight," Delicate Torture (Living Poetically), 2003

We all have periods in our lives when life seems a little too real... That's when we look to our inner child to rescue us from the burdens of adult existence, if only for an hour or two... Unfortunately, the typical inner child is petrified of loud voices, Mylanta, and severe PMS, and therefore goes into hiding in times of stress. Should this happen to yours, you may need to acquire a dog, whip up some cupcakes, or initiate a pillow fight, since no inner child can resist any of these. ~Nancy Shulins, Every Day I Love You More (Just Not Today), 2001

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